WALSH: Enemies Of The People


I used to think that some of Trump’s anti-media rhetoric was overblown and potentially dangerous. But the media’s handling of the Brett Kavanaugh story has vindicated everything he ever said about them. He’s right. They really are an “enemy of the people,” to use Trump’s description.

They are so fully invested in their left-wing agenda that they cannot be honest or ethical even if they cared to try, which they don’t. With the Kavanaugh scandal, as they have done with other stories in the past (Ferguson comes immediately to mind), the news media have completely abandoned any semblance of objectivity or integrity. They are waging an all out war, an explicit smear campaign, and doing so at the behest of the Democrat Party for the sake of preventing an abortion opponent from getting on the Supreme Court. What else can we call them but enemies? They lie, distort, destroy, and sow discord. That’s what enemies do.

Exhibit A: Last night, MSNBC aired an interview with Kavanaugh accuser Julie Swetnick. Swetnick’s story is literally unbelievable. She claims that Kavanaugh and his friends were members of an organized rape gang that would systemically drug and brutalize women at parties that those women, including Swetnick, would repeatedly attend despite knowing that they’d likely be raped. NBC News admits that it could not corroborate her account. It could not find a single person to substantiate anything she said. They also admit that Swetnick’s story has already changed, even just in the past week. Yet they chose to air these unsubstantiated, absurd, laughable charges made by a woman who was sued by her employer for making false statements, and whose ex-boyfriend had to file a restraining order against her for threatening his child. This is not just “fake news.” This is libelous, despicable propaganda, presented as hard news by a prominent media company.

Meanwhile, the rest of the left-wing media have been digging into accusations that Kavanaugh threw ice at someone three decades ago. CNN openly questioned whether Kavanaugh’s ice-throwing history should be “disqualifying.” Democratic Senator Hirono answered that the FBI should investigate the matter. That is not a joke, by the way. It is a real exchange that took place on the airwaves of a major news channel.

All of the Kavanaugh coverage has been in this vein. The left-wing news channels and newspapers are acting as hit men for the Democrats, digging up even the most irrelevant accusations and rumors and “reporting” them as fact. They have not subjected Ford or Ramirez to anything even close to a reasonable degree of scrutiny, and Swetnick only hesitantly. They have made no real attempt to ascertain the actual truth of the charges brought against Kavanaugh. They take every accusation at face value and shout them through a megaphone into the eardrums of an unthinking public.

Perhaps worst of all, the media believes they have the right to behave this way and remain free from criticism. They chalk up any attacks against themselves to an attack against the First Amendment. But they are the ones undermining the First Amendment by using the cover it provides them to lie and slander. They say that the anti-media sentiment in the country is the result of President Trump being mean towards them. They fail to understand, or pretend not to understand, that people detest the media because the media behaves detestably. What else can we do but loath this loathsome thing?

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