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WALSH: On Election Day, Democrats Want You To Forget About Their Kavanaugh Smear Campaign. Don’t.

By  Matt Walsh

It’s odd, isn’t it? Democrats screamed and cried in front of cameras for weeks, insisting that Brett Kavanaugh is a dangerous rapist. Then the dangerous rapist was actually confirmed to the Supreme Court — a fact that should provoke more anger, not dampen it — yet those same Democrats have largely stopped talking about Kavanaugh altogether.

Now, I’m no expert on these matters, but if I were a politician running for office and my opponent played a part in getting a serial sex offender installed on our nation’s highest court, I would never shut up about it. I would throw it against him every chance I got. “Remember Kavanaugh,” would be my rallying cry. Unless, of course, the serial sex offender was no sex offender at all, and the whole thing was a brazen smear campaign that I had helped orchestrate. In that case, after the campaign fell apart and my party was exposed, the cry, which I would not actually say out loud, would be more like: “Forget Kavanaugh. Talk about anything other than Kavanaugh. Look there’s a squirrel!”

After reviewing all of the evidence and speaking to 40 different people, the Senate Judiciary Committee released a damning 414-page report this past weekend. It confirms what had already been apparent: there is no evidence for any of the accusations. There is nothing and no one to substantiate any charge made against Kavanaugh. Indeed, the evidence goes entirely the other way.

Julie Swetnick and her pseudo-lawyer have been recommended to the FBI on suspicion of criminal conspiracy. Another woman is facing potential prosecution after admitting that she fabricated her rape story. Investigators also conducted an extensive interview with a man who says he was probably the one who had a (he says consensual) encounter with Christine Ford. He remembers an incident at the time in question, around the place in question, at a house very similar to the one Ford describes, with a girl very similar to Ford who also had a one-piece bathing suit under her clothing. Their make-out session was interrupted when a second guy jumped on top of them, just as Ford recounted. He believes that Ford conflated him with Kavanaugh.

All told, there is a significant amount of incredibly compelling evidence not only casting doubt on every allegation, but actively proving his innocence on nearly every count. That’s a remarkable fact when you consider the 35-year gap between the alleged incident and today. I doubt that I could marshal half as much evidence to prove that I’m not the one who put googly eyes on a Revolutionary War statue in Georgia last month. It’s almost impossible to prove a negative, even a very recent negative. Kavanaugh, though, managed to prove a 35-year-old negative.

This is all quite embarrassing for Democrats. Worse than embarrassing. Much worse. It exposes them as liars and smear merchants who will resort to literally anything, and tell literally any falsehood, no matter the consequences, for the sake of political advantage. It shows that they are truly unfit for political office and some of them should probably be in jail for their role in the conspiracy. They really, really hope you forget about all of this as you head to the polls on Tuesday. Please don’t.

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