WALSH: The Democrats Put Their Scientific Illiteracy And Moral Depravity On Display Last Night. That’s Good News For Trump.


The comedic highlight of last night’s Democratic presidential debate was Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s decision to speak partially in Spanish. He says he did this in order to include everyone, but that raises more questions than it answers. If he felt that he needed to use Spanish in order to include everyone in the discussion, then why didn’t he give every answer in both English and Spanish? Instead, he broke into fits of Spanish randomly, like someone with bilingual Tourette’s, while choosing to give most answers entirely in English. For instance, his answers on climate change were only in English. Did he not want to include the Hispanic community in that dialogue? Did he not want them to know that they are all about to drown if they don’t board the ark? That seems rather cruel, if you ask me.

This self-defeating bit of pandering was revealing — especially when Cory Booker and Julian Castro joined and Bill De Blasio tried to one-up them all by using his “black son” as a rhetorical prop — but no moment of the debate told us as much about the state of the modern Democratic Party as the candidates’ discussion on abortion. None of the presidential hopefuls on the stage were willing to support any limitations on abortion at all. All demanded abortion for everyone, at every stage, for any reason, for free. Indeed, it became a competition to see who could be the most passionate and extreme in their advocacy for killing babies. Julian Castro was the winner of the macabre showdown.

Castro clarified that he is not only a supporter of “reproductive freedom” (a nonsensical term), but also “reproductive justice” (an even more nonsensical term). This is Castro trying to explain the distinction:

What that means is that just because a woman — or let’s also not forget someone in the trans community, a transfemale — is poor doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have the right to exercise that right to choose. And so I absolutely would cover the right to have an abortion [for free].

Here we have a grown adult and relatively successful and prominent political figure claiming on national television that a biological man might need to get an abortion. A “transfemale” or “transwoman” is a man who identifies as a woman. It is, in other words, a person who is absolutely biologically excluded from ever getting an abortion because he is absolutely biologically excluded from ever getting pregnant. My youngest child is three years old and even he knows that only women get pregnant. Castro, in a desperate attempt to appease the far Left, is pretending to be dumber than a toddler.

Now, you might try to cut him some slack by assuming that he meant to say “transman,” which would be a biological female who identifies as male. But the Left has taken the train so far into Crazyville, at this point, that I can’t for a minute make that assumption. And anyway, even if he had said “transman,” the statement would have been just as incoherent. Again: Men can’t get pregnant. The very fact that a person is pregnant is itself proof that she is not a man — trans or otherwise.

Either way, it was a stunning display of scientific illiteracy from a presidential candidate and it should mark the end of his career. If we lived in a sane country, he would be a laughingstock and this moment would live forever as the most embarrassing thing any political candidate has ever said, anywhere, at any point. Yet we do not live in a sane country, so the anti-scientific claim earned him wild applause.

On the bright side, however, that applause came from the far Left. Those of more moderate political persuasions will look upon all of this with horror and confusion. The Democrats are putting their insanity on full display. Moderates and swing voters are taking note. And that’s great news for Donald Trump.