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WALSH: Democrats Are Trying To Force Males Into Female Sports. Here Is Why That Is Great News For Republicans.

By  Matt Walsh

As The Daily Wire reported, every single Democrat in the House, save one, has voted for a bill that would force schools to allow biological males to intrude into female sports. The bill would amend the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to offer legal protections for “gender identity,” thus compelling schools to make room for biological males on girls’ sports teams. The measure has no hope of becoming law right now, but if it does ever make it into the books, it would spell the end of women’s sports as we know it.

This all is bad news for women, and bad news for society on a number of levels, but, politically speaking, it’s great news for Republicans. The Democrats here are rallying around a position that no sane person in the country finds reasonable. Even these Democrats themselves don’t find it reasonable, which is why none of them were talking about this ten years ago. But the political winds have blown them all the way out to this fringe ideological backwater, where now, to appease the most radical elements of their base, they feel they must deny the basic biological differences between men and women.

The Daily Wire report quotes the Human Rights Coalition’s statement on the bill:

“Opponents of equality in athletics for transgender athletes have argued that girls who are transgender have unfair physiological advantages over cisgender girls and as a result, will dominate women’s competitive sports,” they wrote, adding that it is not “rooted in fact” that men are stronger and faster than women, according to the [Daily] Caller.

Not rooted in fact? It is absolutely a fact that men have more muscle mass, larger fast-twitch muscle fibers, larger lungs, larger hearts, longer legs, much more testosterone and much less estrogen, and a larger capacity to produce oxygen when they exert themselves, among literally dozens of other biological advantages. This is as much a fact as gravity. And all but the most fringe and bizarre members of the far Left know and acknowledge this reality.

Democrats may be allowing themselves to be led astray by polling data showing that Americans are allegedly evenly split on the question of allowing “transgender girls” into women’s sports. I am absolutely certain these these polls do not reflect public opinion — probably because most people are confused by references to “transgender girls.” Pull 100 random people into a room and ask them, point blank, whether biological males should be allowed to compete against girls in women’s sports, and I guarantee that a large majority will say no. I posed that question on my Twitter a few weeks ago and the results were 97 percent against with almost 35 thousand votes counted. This result is not scientific, of course. But it’s not irrelevant, either. I doubt very much that I could have found anything close to that kind of consensus on any other supposedly contentious issue.

So, if Democrats want to go this route, they are welcome to it. Republicans should beat them over the head with it at every opportunity. The Democrats are staking out a position that is explicitly anti-science and anti-woman. That is a fact that Republicans would do well to highlight frequently and loudly. As we head into election season, every Republican who finds himself on a debate stage with a Democrat should demand that his opponent offer a scientific and ethical justification for allowing testosterone-laden boys to compete against girls. No such justification will be offered, because no such justification exists. The issue is an utter political embarrassment for Democrats, and they know it. They only hope they can pander to the LGBT lobby and then never have to speak of it again in any other context. Republicans ought to not let them off so easy.

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