WALSH: The Democratic Party Is Completely Overrun With Bloodthirsty, Abortion-Loving Radicals


In these divided times, it is important that we refrain from personal attacks and overheated rhetoric. So when I say that the Democratic Party is filled with bloodthirsty lunatics, understand that I do not intend it as an insult. It is just a description, and it is the most generous possible description I can muster at this point. In fact, I am doing them a big favor by calling them lunatics. But I believe in seeing the best in people.

To demonstrate the bloodthirsty lunacy of the modern Democratic Party, let’s look at the events of just the past few days. Last week, Democrats in New York legalized third trimester abortions, allowing women to abort fully formed, fully viable, healthy infants for any reason. The woman need only claim that her “health” — which includes emotional and mental health — is in jeopardy, and she can have her infant child, who can survive outside the womb and has to be delivered anyway, killed via lethal injection to the skull.

Not to be outdone, Democrats in Virginia are now pushing for their own third trimester abortion law. A Democratic House Delegate defended the law at a committee hearing. During that discussion, she clarified that the law would allow a woman to abort her child up to, and even during, labor. In other words, if the baby is mere minutes from coming out alive and healthy, it can still be killed by lethal injection and then tossed into a medical waste dumpster.

Rhode Island Democrats have joined the race to Hell. At the moment, they might be in the lead. The bill they proposed, and that the “Catholic” governor of the state has pledged to sign, would legalize all abortions, at any stage, for any reason, and would overturn the state’s partial-birth abortion ban. For those unfamiliar, partial-birth abortion involves delivering a healthy child alive and then killing it as it emerges from the mother’s womb. With half of the child’s body hanging out of the birth canal, a vacuum hose is inserted into his skull and his brains are sucked out. Now, there is still a federal ban on this form of savagery, so Rhode Island Democrats will not be able to fulfill their dream of debraining infants, but they have lent their moral support to the practice.

But the story doesn’t end here. Democrats in Alaska, Colorado, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington D.C. have already legalized third trimester abortions. Support for late-term abortion is not a fringe position that only a few soulless maniacs in the party hold. It is a mainstream position that a great many soulless maniacs in the party hold. It’s no wonder that the Democrats who have so far announced their intention to run for president are all pro-abortion radicals. Pro-abortion radicalism is required for membership.

Indeed, Kamala Harris, who might at the moment be considered the frontrunner for the Democrats’ presidential nomination, is a lifelong minion of the abortion industry. As Attorney General of California, she sent law enforcement to ransack the home of the undercover journalist who exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted baby parts. Harris had a message on her website urging supporters to “defend Planned Parenthood” even as she led the legal charge against the abortion company’s enemies. In saner times, this would be considered a serious political scandal. But to most Democrats, her abuse of power is a badge of honor. It was all for the sake of protecting baby killers, and Democrats love baby killers.

UPDATE: After this piece had gone to publication, and as if to prove my point, the Democratic governor of Virginia openly advocated infanticide in a radio interview. He explained that the abortion law, which he supports, would allow a woman to deliver her child then decide if the child will be “resuscitated.” Even after resuscitation, she can have a “discussion” with her doctors about the next step. The obvious implication is that the next step might include killing the child. This, again, would happen after he is already born. I don’t know if the Virginia law actually would legalize infanticide, but the governor of the state seems to think and hope it does.

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