WALSH: The Left’s Demonic Obsession With Abortion


Brett Kavanaugh was grilled on his abortion views during his confirmation hearing today. Abortion enthusiast Dianne Feinstein tried desperately to corner Kavanaugh on the topic. At one point, in a fit of hysteria, a feverish Feinstein claimed that over a million women died from illegal abortions before Roe. That number is made up and ridiculous, and it also pales in comparison to the very real 60 million babies who have actually been killed by abortion after Roe. The abortion industry has slaughtered so many humans that its defenders have trouble inventing a body count to compete with it.

Meanwhile, feminists dressed in Handmaid’s Tale costumes protested the hearings and Hillary Clinton published a lengthy tweet thread lamenting Kavanaugh’s apparent lack of affection for abortion. Clinton slammed the judge for, among other things, ruling against an illegal immigrant who wanted American taxpayers to pay for her abortion. This ruling, in the mind of abortion leftists, is “extreme.” On the Left, any opposition to abortion in any form, in any context, for any reason, is extreme. Even Brett Kavanaugh, a mild character who has taken the reasonable position that Americans shouldn’t have to purchase abortions for all of the inhabitants of the globe, is a villainous fanatic in their eyes.

As disturbing as it may be to see people who are so overcome with enthusiasm for killing babies, I am grateful for the spectacle. It is in these moments that the Left drops the thin veneer of compassion and shows its dark, demonic heart to the world. It is when their “right” to abortion is threatened — even moderately threatened, even partially threatened — that modern Leftism becomes outright satanism. We see that the “salutes” to abortion, and the abortion comedy tours, and the abortion comedy shows, and the abortion-obsessed celebrity openly fantasizing about “eating” aborted children, really do not occupy the fringes of Leftism. They represent the mainstream. After all, there is no more mainstream a figure on the Left than Hillary Clinton, and she thinks a guy is disqualified from being on the Supreme Court because he didn’t let an illegal immigrant get a free abortion. Leftism is a violent, brutal, intensely self-centered ideology, and it requires all of its adherents to pledge absolute and undying loyalty to the abortion industry.

We can also see something else here. We see the reason why all of the calls for unity and bipartisanship will never amount to anything. There can’t be any meaningful unity in America when one side of the political divide is populated by pro-abortion zealots. Even if I wanted to, how could I unify with people who think that women are bestowed with the sacred privilege to kill their own children? How could I find common ground with those who would conflate abortion opposition with the literal enslavement of the entire female sex? How could I ever be “one” with the sort of deranged person who hears, “Don’t kill babies,” and responds, “Stay out of my uterus,” as if the pro-life side is threatening to enter into her uterus and occupy it like an invading army? How do I join hands with this kind of insanity? And to what end?

If there is ever going to be real unity in America, the Left will have to stop insisting that our children be sacrificed on the altar of self-centerdness. But I do not see that happening any time soon. So, those of us with moral sense cannot unify with them. We can only fight them tooth and nail, until one side or the other prevails.

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