In Wake Of Hillary Implosion, Democrats Demonstrate They Have No Principles Other Than Winning


With Democrats in a hair-on-fire frenzy over the FBI’s renewed Hillary Clinton investigation, Hillary isn’t losing any prominent supporters. In fact, Democrats are circling their wagons around their corrupt harridan of a candidate: they’re loosing the dogs of Reid to accuse the FBI of rigging the election for the Russians and Donald Trump; they’re utilizing the media to parse FBI director James Comey’s statement; they’re blasting Congressional Republicans for “overreach.”

Anything to avoid looking reality in the face: Hillary Clinton is insanely rotten, and they picked her. Unlike Republicans, who nominated Trump with a minority of the vote, the Democratic National Committee attempted to mobilize behind Hillary during the primaries – new DNC chair Donna Brazile actively funneled debate questions to Clinton during the primaries, then lied about it. They insisted that Hillary Clinton be anointed. They nominated her with a substantial majority of the primary vote.

Unlike Republicans, who have spent months agonizing over Trump’s nomination, with some Republicans vowing not to vote for him, others vowing to vote for him but not support him publicly, and still others stating they’ll vote for him but criticize him when he deserves it, virtually all major Democrats can’t stop praising Hillary. While Trump goes to war with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan because Ryan won’t campaign for Trump, President Obama’s out there on the front lines still calling Hillary the most qualified person ever to run for president. Michelle Obama’s focusing all her attention on pushing Hillary – a woman who helped cover for her husband’s sexual abuse — into the White House while crying crocodile tears over Donald Trump’s treatment of women.

Now, there are two ways to take this.

First, we Republicans can admire the solidarity of Democrats. They’ll always back their man or woman, no matter what they do. A candidate can literally drown a woman in a river, and they’ll call that guy the Lion of the Senate when he dies. Donald Trump jokes about shooting someone on Fifth Avenue and losing no support, but a Democratic presidential candidate actually could do it and get away with it. So that means Democrats have an electoral advantage.

Or, alternatively, we could be proud.

Yes, proud. It turns out that bad people do what Democrats do: they tolerate any and all behavior from their candidates so long as their candidates are of the left. The ends justify the means, always and forever. Among Republicans, however, we question our own. We may determine that the costs of Donald Trump personally may be outweighed by his political benefits, but we agonize. That’s good. Do Democrats agonize? Nope. And that makes them the more immoral party.

That’s supposed to mean something.

Perhaps it doesn’t. Perhaps winning is the only thing. Perhaps we all ought to act like Democrats when it comes to politics.

But it seems like a better strategy for Americans to start acting like Republicans instead, if we want to have a country worth saving.