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In Wake Of CNN’s Increased Hate-Coverage Of Trump, Two Dangerous Incidents At White House

More than two months ago, in a piece filled with dozens of examples, I laid out exactly how the leftwing cable news network CNN is actively turning Donald Trump into a president who, for the good of the country, must be assassinated. If you read the piece, you will see that throughout the last year, CNN has repeatedly validated violence against Trump and his supporters, declared the president mentally ill, smeared Trump as a virulent racist, and sent out the not-so-subtle message that whoever performs this assassination will be greeted as a hero.

To be fair to CNN, other news outlets (Politico is a good example) are not completely innocent in this regard, in what I call “The Dangerous Rhetoric of Assassination Dogwhistles.” Nevertheless, in the arena of 24/7 relentlessness and dedication, CNN stands alone. The network’s campaign to gin up violence against our sitting president mirrors almost exactly CNN’s successful campaigns to foment race riots in the predominantly black, working class cities of Ferguson and Baltimore.

Unfortunately, since the publication of my January piece, CNN has only gotten worse.

Although all the evidence we have seen thus far points only to the fact that Trump and his team did absolutely nothing wrong with respect to Russia, through their non-stop coverage of this proven Nothingburger, CNN continues to portray Trump as Manchurian Putin Puppet.

Leading this charge has been CNN anchor and chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper, who at various times has gone on the air to publicly describe Trump, the man with his finger on the nuclear button, as dangerously “unmoored,” disturbingly “unhinged,” and worst of all, outright “un-American.”

Tapper is also the journalist who over-hyped and broke the fake news surrounding the totally false media-smear that is the phony Russian/Trump dossier – a low-point in the history of journalism that makes Rathergate look quaint by comparison.

Moreover, Tapper has gone on what can only be described as a celebrity-tour, where, despite the fact the smear has been thoroughly debunked, he continues to spread the lie that Trump mocked a journalist’s disability. Tapper did this at a film festival last week and again to Bill Maher on Friday. A little over a month ago, Tapper even went so far as to allow Al Franken to go unchallenged after the Democrat Senator questioned Trump’s mental stability.

As if all of that is not dangerous enough, earlier this month, CNN aired video of what can only be described as a “sniper scope” camera aimed at the Oval Office.

And here is video of a CNN anchor openly comparing Trump to Hitler.

In the wake of all this, in just the last ten days, there have been two disturbing incidents at the White House, two events that appear to be genuine threats against our president. Just yesterday we learned that a man drove his car up to a White House checkpoint (Trump was in Florida at the time), got out and, per the The New York Times, said, “’There’s a bomb in the trunk,’ as he appeared to clasp something in his hand, according to a report issued by the Metropolitan Police Department.”

This incident comes on the heels of another last week where a man carrying a backpack scaled a security fence and spent 15 minutes doing heaven-knows-what on the White House grounds.

Now … it is vitally important that I stop here in order to be 100% clear. Just as there is absolutely no evidence of any wrongdoing between Trump and Russia, there is no evidence that these two White House incidents are related to CNN’s ongoing hate-coverage of President Trump.

But let’s be 100% clear about something else …

CNN knows exactly what it is doing.

How do we know this?

Read on …

Although former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin had absolutely nothing to do with the awful assassination attempt on then-Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, CNN still accused Palin’s rhetoric and imagery (which the would-be assassin never saw) for encouraging this shooting.

Therefore …

We know for a fact that CNN believes hyperbolic rhetoric and gun imagery gins up assassination attempts, and we know this because … CNN has said so.

If past is prologue, now that there appears to have been two direct threats against the White House, look for CNN to double down on its dangerous behavior.

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