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Vox Writer Defends Terrorizing Tucker Carlson, Wipes Timeline; Greg Gutfeld Torches Him

Matt Yglesias, co-founder and senior correspondent for the uber-left outlet, may have gone too far this time, even by his own standards. After attempting to defend Antifa terrorizing Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s family and blame the threatening actions of the far-left on Carlson and the president, Yglesias not only deleted his tweet but wiped his entire timeline.

“I think the idea behind terrorizing his family, like it or not as a strategy, is to make them feel some of the fear that the victims of MAGA-inspired violence feel thanks to the non-stop racial incitement coming from Tucker, Trump, etc.” wrote Yglesias in a since-deleted tweet.

He followed that up by admitting that threatening Carlson’s family might not be “tactically sound,” but then scolded people for empathizing with his family rather than the alleged “victims” of Tucker’s rhetoric.

“I agree that this is probably not tactically sound but if your instinct is to empathize with the fear of the Carlson family rather than with the fear of his victims then you should take a moment to reflect on why that is,” Yglesias wrote in another since-deleted tweet.

In response, Carlson’s fellow Fox News host Greg Gutfeld unloaded on the far-left writer and offered up a theory on why he’s “crawled under a rock”: He probably fears for his job (h/t Twitchy).

“Weird, ever since Antifa attempted to home-invade Tucker Carlson – everything Matt Yglesias has tweeted vanished,” wrote Gutfeld Thursday night. “Well, if Matt Yglesias is never gunna tweet again, then we all owe Antifa a debt of thanks. (after we arrest them, of course).”

“He’s crawled under a rock, fearful perhaps of being fired,” he added. “Remember, he celebrated Andrew Breitbart’s death. He revels in the pain of others, primarily family members who are suffering.”

Yglesias’ newly wiped timeline currently contains only four tweets. Among them is a re-tweet of a post, claiming, “A bunch of conservatives were dog piling @mattyglesias yesterday and they doxed him right in a reply with his address. I reported it to @jack and they said it didn’t violate their rules. Doxing doesn’t violate Twitter’s rules? WTF?”

In other words, Yglesias appears to be complaining about right-wingers threatening to do to him what Antifa did to Carlson.

Here’s more on Yglesias via his bio provided by Vox:

Matthew Yglesias co-founded with Ezra Klein and Melissa Bell back in the spring of 2014. He’s currently a senior correspondent focused on politics and economic policy, and co-hosts The Weeds podcast twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays. Before launching Vox, he was the author of the Moneybag column for Slate and before that he wrote and blogged for Think Progress, The Atlantic, TPM, and The American Prospect. Yglesias is the author of two books, most recently “The Rent Is Too Damn High” about the policy origins of the middle class housing affordability crisis in America. Yglesias was born and raised in New York City, but has lived in Washington DC since graduating college in 2003.


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