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Vogue: Stormy Daniels Is The ‘Resister-In-Chief’

By  Paul Bois

Stormy Daniels has been crowned a “resister-in-chief” by Anna Wintour’s Vogue magazine for breaking an NDA and telling the world she once got intimate and watched “Shark Week” with Donald Trump.

Though the October issue of Vogue features Lady Gaga on the front cover promoting her starring role in “A Star Is Born,” the magazine promises a profile on Stormy Daniels as the queen of Trump resistance:

What exactly the profile will say of Stormy Daniels remains a mystery at this point, but aside from the expected Trump-bashing, the new title conferred on the celebrity suggests the profile will find a way to champion the porn star as a feminist icon, as Jill Filipovic​ recently declared in an op-ed for The New York Times. “Ms. Daniels is a sex worker, making her the kind of ‘bad woman,’ scorned for her work, who is not often believed when she indicts a powerful man,” Filipovic wrote in praise of Stormy.

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