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Vogue Editors Show How Alarmingly Out Of Touch They Are, Get Roasted Online
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For a magazine that pushes climate change activists as saints, Vogue doesn’t seem all that concerned with the issue.

In an article published last week that has been making the rounds on social media recently, the British Vogue editors explained where they would be spending their upcoming holidays. Their responses brought to mind the snobbery and elitism of “Frasier” characters.

Sarah Harris, deputy editor and fashion features director, for example, said she will be spending her holidays in the Cayman Islands “at the newly opened Palm Heights,” at a cost of $400+ per night. She then claimed to be “a really light packer, even for a two-week holiday,” before saying she planned to “pack a bikini for every day since they take up almost no room in a suitcase.” One might not take up much room, but 14 certainly would.

Ellie Pithers, fashion features editor and senior associate digital editor, had the most unrelatable response:

I’ll be in the French Alps for New Year’s Eve; a dose of icy alpine air always seems to sort me out after the excesses of Christmas. I’m looking forward to a spell at Le Coucou in Méribel, a new hotel designed by Pierre Yovanovitch with a delicious-looking spa; and a stop-off at Le Refuge de Solaise in Val d’Isère. Only accessible via ski lift, it promises superlative stargazing and fresh powder before breakfast.

Olivia Singer, executive fashion news editor, said that in order to “counterbalance the abundance of December,” she would be “taking an ascetic approach and heading to the Lanserhof to embark on a seven-day detox programme.” She assures her that it’s “the best I’ve found – and I’ve done my research.”

Just in case you weren’t convinced that her detox actually was a “counterbalance [to] the abundance of December,” she explains what it entails:

Overseen by a specialist doctor, I take advantage of every treatment going: from daily Shiatsu to intravenous vitamin drips to a wealth of both holistic and medical diagnostics and a regular schedule of saunas, swimming and naps. Food is scant (in accordance with the Mayr method, which revolves around giving your digestive system a break) but massages are plentiful. It seems like a fair trade to me.

Naomi Smart, shopping editor, will be spending Christmas day “at El Coyol, a secluded villa on one of the world’s smallest private islands, overlooking Lake Nicaragua.” The cost of this villa is at least $775 per night, and that’s not including the cost to get there.

Composer Benjamin Tassie posted some of the editors’ responses on Twitter, saying he was “Absolutely losing it at this incredibly relatable feature with the Vogue editors.”

The responses to Tassie’s post were equally savage.

“The collective carbon impact of the @voguemagazine editors’ holidays will, by March, submerge one of the islands they visited,” one person wrote.

“I too recover from the materialism of the holidays and focus on what’s really important in the world by surrounding myself with luxury and rich white people,” wrote another.

“Those are the exact four destinations I was debating between! What are the odds?” another person wrote. “Unfortunately, it was my husband’s year to pick, so we’ll be going to my sister in law’s house in a suburb of Cleveland.”

“*Cries in poor*” another user tweeted.

“This is a Frasier episode,” wrote one astute observer.

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