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Violating Our Conscience: 12 Ways The MSM And Left Keep Us Divided

Please don’t confuse this piece with a complaint or one of those lame pleas for unity. I’m not interested in coming together or common ground. I like that our society is politically divided. I adore scorched earth. And I love political war. At heart, I am a pirate who is only truly happy when the ships are on fire and hooked together as both sides battle it out with clean, cold steel. There’s something honest about that. Anything else is a pose.

What this piece is really about is exposing as hypocrites those on the Left who constantly harp on the sad state of our divided country, and those in the media who pretend to care about bringing us together. The hypocrisy, of course, is that that these are the two groups most dedicated to keeping us at each other’s throats with their increasingly unreasonable demands.

And yes, it is intentional.

The Democrat Party is a coalition that resembles a Jenga tower, a fractured group of special interests where if you remove only one piece, the whole thing comes crashing down. Actually, it is worse than that. If Democrats lose even 10% of one piece, their current hold on the black vote, it all comes crashing down. That means that the only way to keep these groups in line is through fear and hate, and this is what keeps us divided.

But you know all of this. We all do.

What I want to talk about is the deeper game the Left and their national media play, how they Lucy-With-The-Football the promise of unity and some peace, but only if those of us on the other side agree to serially-violate our conscience.

Here is how that works…

1. Pay For My Propaganda

No one questions the fact that National Public Radio and PBS are left-wing news and entertainment outlets. The same is true for the National Endowment for the Arts. There is also no question these taxpayer-subsidized institutions are now at a point where they could survive just fine without further burdening taxpayers already burdened with $20 TRILLION in debt.

But any attempt to end this ungodly welfare queening for these left-wing propaganda outlets is met with a war scream from the Left and endless hyperbolic news-cycles.

Even though the Left already enjoys a near-monopoly in the media, arts, and television programming, they still demand that we violate our conscience by funding even more of it.

Think of how much less divided we would be if NPR, PBS, and the NEA got off the dole.

But the Left and the media wants this wedge issue out there.

2. Pay For My Abortion

It is not enough that infanticide is legal in America. The media and Left also demand we violate our conscience and use our own tax dollars to murder the unborn, and this includes Christian institutions like The Little Sisters of the Poor.

Taxpayers fund the abortion-mill Planned Parenthood to the tune of a half-BILLION dollars per year, and the argument that this money is not used to pay for abortions insults the intelligence of everyone who understands how a business operates.

Thanks to that $500 million, Planned Parenthood also has plenty of money to lobby for more money and campaign against Republicans. It is outrageous.

Think of how much less divided we would be if ObamaCare didn’t force nuns to provide and pay for what they believe is murder. Think of how much less divided we would be if Planned Parenthood got off the dole.

3. Let Us Sexualize Your Kids

I’m not talking about movies and television or the Internet. It’s not easy, but a dedicated parent can protect their child from all the filth that is now one-click away. We don’t want to start censoring content.

What I am talking about is trapping our children in failing public schools and then sexualizing them through condom hand-outs and sex education. Man alive.

4. Celebrate My Sin

We are all sinners. We are all imperfect. We all slip. But it is only the Left and the media that demands we celebrate sin, that we embrace and champion sins such as homosexuality, nudity, marijuana abuse, loveless sex, public perversion, and the like.

I’m a live and let live type person. I could not care less about the behavior that occurs between consenting adults. My indifference should be enough, but I am no longer allowed to be indifferent. Because I don’t want to watch two men kiss, because I won’t take a side or offer my stamp of approval for a whole host of bad behavior, I am labeled a bigot, prude and hater.

5. Worship My Criminal Martyrs

While the death of a young person is always a sad thing, do not ask me to worship at the altar of two criminal punks like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin.

They are not Emmett Till.

They are not the Rev. Martin Luther King.

Democrats and the media INTENTIONALLY choose criminal martyrs as a means to keep us divided. They know that in good conscience good people cannot treat a Michael Brown like an Emmett Till, and this keeps us at each other’s throats.

This is why the horrific shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina in 2015 could not stand as is. Such a thing would bring America together. The Left cannot allow that. The media cannot allow that. So they found contrived issues that would divide us — gun control and the Confederate Flag — to cynically twist a unifying event into a toxic one.

6. You Cannot Say These Words

Speech control keeps us divided. The Left gives us a choice; for example, we can either bow to their stupid demands and use the Orwellian term “undocumented immigrant,” or we can be called a racist.

7. You Must Tolerate Criminal Behavior

We must either accept our country being flooded with illegal aliens, or we are racists.

We must ignore voter fraud, or we are racist conspiracy theorists.

We must understand race riots, or we are racists.

8. Ignore Facts

We must either ignore the documented crimes committed by illegal aliens and refugees, and the fact that way too many American Muslims are comfortable with terrorism and religious oppression, or we are bigots.

9. Celebrate My Child Abuse

Although it is outright child abuse, I am supposed to celebrate a depraved parent jumping on the transgender fad by subjecting their child to hormone therapy.

If I don’t, I’m a transphobe.

10. Celebrate the Mental Illness of Transgenders

Men who want to become women and women who want to become men are mentally ill. Period. Asking me to jump on the transgender bandwagon is asking me to ignore and enable a very vulnerable person’s mental illness.

In good conscience, that is not something I could ever do.

11. Bake My Gay-Wedding Cake

No one, including our government, the media, and Democrats would ever demand…

…a Muslim butcher provide the service of selling pork chops.

…a Jewish caterer provide the service of catering a cheeseburger eating contest.

…a black interior decorator provide the service of decorating the headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan.

…a gay lawyer provide the service of representing a client filing suit to criminalize homosexuality.

…a left-wing feminist printer provide the service of printing up fliers for a campaign against abortion

…a left-wing movie director provide the service of helming a hagiography about Ronald Reagan.

…an atheist motivational speaker provide the service of motivating a gathering of evangelicals.

In America, we don’t ask people to violate their conscience, such a thing is violation of the social compact that makes America America, that allows us to live together in relative harmony.

That is the way it has always been, until now…

The left, the media and a number of left-wing state governments currently and gleefully persecute Christians with the demand that they provide a service to a gay-wedding, a ceremony that is the sacramentalization of sin.


To keep us divided.

12. Allow Men Into Your Daughter’s Bathroom

CNN anchors call you a bad parent and your 12-year-old daughter “the problem” if she doesn’t want to give her consent to be exposed to a penis.

We either allow grown men into our daughters’ bathrooms and locker rooms, or we are bigots.

Everything listed above is not only an unreasonable demand made by the left and their media, it is an immoral one and one intentionally designed to take away our right to be left alone, to be indifferent, to live and let live.

Because the left and their media now target our children, our personal space, our religious conscience, and how we express ourselves through speech — we are forced to care, forced to take a side, forced into a toxic debate we would prefer to avoid.

You see, now that America is for the most part colorblind and indifferent to cultural and lifestyle differences, these phony controversies, these criminal martyrs, and absurd demands are all manufactured and ginned up as a means to keep the Jenga Tower scared, feeling victimized, outraged, bitter and voting against their own interests — a bigger welfare state, worse public schools, more illegal aliens taking their jobs, and more poorly vetted refugees.

Good grief, these toxic freaks are now demanding married men invite their female subordinates out for a private dinner.

They just won’t leave us alone to live our own lives in our own way.

Final point: It is not that we are being told we cannot do something, which is easier on the conscience. Rather, we are being forced, coerced, and bullied into actions and attitudes that wound our conscience.

This is the stuff of police states.

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