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Viewers Savage Chelsea Handler’s ‘White Privilege’ Netflix Doc
Comedian Chelsea Handler attends The Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Annual Grants Banquet on August 2, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. / AFP PHOTO / VALERIE MACON

For both the “Woke” and sleeping viewers out there, comedian-turned-full-time political activist Chelsea Handler hits all the wrong notes in her Netflix documentary exploring her so-called “white privilege.”

The newly-released documentary, wherein Handler explores how her white privilege has helped her career and its effects on American culture, has racked up some viewer feedback on review site Rotten Tomatoes, and let’s just say Handler’s supposed white privilege provided little help in landing her high praise.

As of Wednesday evening, “Hello Privilege. It’s Me, Chelsea,” has a stunning 16% audience approval rating.

The reviewers were wildly unsatisfied; either Handler was not sensitive enough to the intersectional Woke experience, or her desperate apologetics were too much to bear.

One seemingly left-leaning reviewer, for example, blasted the documentary as “full of fake outreach and perpetuation of black stereotypes with no real insight from the main character.”

“The most enlightening parts of this documentary are the conversations held with actual activist,” the female reviewer posted. “There is no nuance or heart in this documentary.”

“[Handler] even had the nerve to make a sexual joke about (comedian and actress) Tiffany Hadish when Tiffany was being DEAD serious in her example of white privilege,” she continued. “Even when Tiffany was nearly brought to tears with a fact that had personally brought ME to tears, Handler reacted in the most unattached way ever.”

The reviewer noted that Handler “completely tried the ‘we didn’t have a lot of money’ bit which she later contradicts by talking about going back to her nice neighborhood.”

“This ‘documentary’ is full of fake outreach and perpetuation of black stereotypes with no real insight from the main character. I. Can. Not,” she closed.

Another audience review complained that Handler interviewed the wrong people.

“Chelsea was good and put effort into trying to understand what is going on, but I don’t think she interviewed the best people to talk about this subject because I ended up taking nothing away from this documentary,” the person said.

A female viewer who seemingly wanted to like the doc gave Handler two out of five stars and ironically criticized the work for exposing the comedian’s white privilege.

“[I don’t know]. I think creating a documentary and traveling the world seeking answers about white privilege is the epitome of white privelege [sic],” she posted. “I’m a fan of Handler and especially her last book, but this wasn’t her best use of time in my opinion. Was just a little cringey to watch to be honest.”

“Seriously cringy and racist all along,” a male reviewer bluntly wrote.

Another said, “So boring I cried.”

“Only giving it a half star because she made me chuckle once or twice,” a male reviewer posted. “Otherwise [it’s] a cringe fest of self deprecation/loathing.”

“A long, boring, scolding given by an unfunny white comedian pretending to depth. If you are a masochist, or a difficult person to be around, you will probably really enjoy it,” a post blasted. “Anyone with the bodily resources to create a measurable EEG readout should give it a pass.”

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