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Video Of University Frat Member Whipping Friend, Saying ‘Pick My Cotton, N*****’ Goes Viral

By  Frank Camp

On Friday, a video allegedly featuring a University of Georgia fraternity member pretending to whip another member with a belt, demanding he pick “cotton,” and using racial slurs went viral.

“Pick my cotton, b****,” says one student as he uses a brown belt to flog another student who is lying in bed under the covers.

“I’m not black!” the student being hit appears to shout back.

“Pick my cotton, b****,” the first student repeats to laughter from those in the room. Someone else parrots the phrase before another student states: “Whoa, you’re not using the right words.”

While the audio during the following few seconds is somewhat muffled, it sounds like one of the frat members claims that the other doesn’t have the “balls” to say what comes next, and tells someone to “get a video of it.” Then, clear as day, the student with the belt says: “Pick my cotton, n*****!”

Here’s the full video (Content Warning):

Friday evening, the university’s student government released a statement about the video:

To the University of Georgia Student Body: The executive officers of the Student Government Association are aware of a video circulating on social media that depicts individuals identified as members of a UGA Greek organization using racist language and engaging in behaviors that mock the suffering of enslaved peoples. We have been notified that the chapter is currently suspended, and we can confirm that there is an investigation underway regarding the students involved in the video.

At this time, this is all of the information that we have. We will try our best update you all with any new information that we receive and can share. We appreciate those of you who have been engaging in this important dialogue about bigotry and the ways in which people who engage in it can be held accountable for their actions.

The letter was signed by student government president Ammishaddai Grand-Jean, vice president Charlene Marsh, and treasurer Destin Mizelle.

In a response to the student government’s tweet, the university’s official Twitter account condemned the actions of the students:

The University of Georgia condemns racism in the strongest terms. Racism has no place on our campus. We will continue our efforts to promote a welcoming and supportive learning environment for our students, faculty and staff.

In another response tweet, the university stated: “The fraternity has been suspended by its national organization. Whenever we receive complaints of racist or discriminatory conduct, we refer such matters to our Equal Opportunity Office in accordance with applicable laws and policies.”

The above tweets appear to be the standard response to all inquiries being made on social media.

The fraternity has been identified as Tau Kappa Epsilon, reports The Hill. In a statement released on social media on Friday evening, the national TKE organization wrote:

Tau Kappa Epsilon is disgusted, appalled and angered by the remarks as shown in the video. TKE does not condone or support any actions by its members that would be defined as racist, discriminatory, and/or offensive.

Since 1899, our fraternity has taken much pride in the diversity and uniqueness of our membership. Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause in our membership. Our founders believed, as we do today, in the personal worth and character of the individual, not his wealth, rank, or honor.

According to The Hill: “The TKE chapter at UGA has been ordered to cease all operations immediately, including social events and activities.”

The Daily Wire reached out to a University of Georgia spokesman for clarification and further comment, but as of publication, we have received no reply.

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