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Video Proof: ‘Trump Car’ Being Destroyed in Black Neighborhood Was Staged HOAX

On Monday night, YouTuber Joey Salads was riding high. The prankster’s taped “social experiment”—in which a car covered in Donald Trump bumper stickers left in a black neighborhood was destroyed by “thugs” after only thirty minutes—went viral. The footage earned Salads coverage from mainstream outlets like Real Clear Politics, and even landed him the coveted top spot on massive conservative media outlet The Drudge Report.

But that high didn’t last long.

Conservative man-on-the-street reporter, author and famous YouTuber Mark Dice called out Salads’ “shameful” apparent hoax.

In a video Dice released on his YouTube channel, he explains that the “thugs” destroying the vacated “Trump car” were either asked to do so by Salads, or possibly paid. Video evidence of the “thugs” standing in front of Salads during his taped intro suggests Dice is exactly correct.

Dice says he was immediately tipped-off by the men’s faces being blurred. Upon further investigation, Dice said someone in an overlooking apartment captured the “irrefutable” video evidence of the set-up.


Dice called Salads’ hoax “ethically and morally wrong.”

He also warned “Joey Salad-head” from trying to “silence” him via frivolous lawsuits. “I’m standing on the truth,” said Dice, “and you’re standing in quicksand.”

Watch the now-debunked “social experiment” from Salads, below.