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VIDEO: Planned Parenthood Lies About Providing Prenatal Care

By  Frank

“Planned Parenthood of New York City will provide care no matter what,” began the pre-recorded message. After a few minutes on hold, a representative answered. When I asked whether they offered prenatal care, the representative replied with a firm and simple “No.”

Live Action, an anti-abortion organization, released a video Monday in which they call or visit 97 Planned Parenthoods to ask whether or not they offer prenatal care. Only five of the 97 centers with whom Live Action interacted said they indeed offered prenatal care.

At the beginning of the video, three clips are shown in which Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards and CEO of Planned Parenthood Michigan, Lori Lamerand, tout “prenatal care” as one of the “vital” services offered by the abortion giant:

I decided to do my own investigation. I pulled up Google, and performed a search for all Planned Parenthood facilities within a five-mile radius of New York City. Eight facilities showed up in the search, all located within in New York or New Jersey. Out of the eight facilities, only three offered prenatal care; five explicitly stated that they do not.

There will be those who claim the Live Action video is misleading, staged, or deceptively edited. Those same individuals will also say my own investigation was skewed, biased, or otherwise false. I encourage those people to call as many Planned Parenthood facilities as possible, and ask for themselves.

Others still will call the Live Action video irrelevant because Planned Parenthood offers other services, like contraception distribution and STI testing. Here’s the problem–Cecile Richards, Lori Lamerand, and other pro-choice activists use their words very carefully to manipulate the American body politic. By listing “prenatal care” as one of the “vital” services offered by Planned Parenthood, they are feeding a false narrative. They’re implying that the organization cares just as much about infants in utero as they do about abortion; they’re selling false virtue.

In a similar fashion, Planned Parenthood activists will frequently claim that abortion makes up only 3% of the organization’s services. They arrive at this number using misleading math. Live Action reports:

“Say a woman goes to Planned Parenthood to get an abortion. She gets her pregnancy test, the abortion procedure, an STI test, and some contraceptives. In one visit, she gets four services, one of which is the actual abortion. So Planned Parenthood would say that abortion is only 25% of what they did for that woman.”

According to The Washington Post, which gave the 3% statistic “Three Pinocchios”:

…advocates and opponents of abortion rights have calculated somewhere between 15 percent and 37 percent of the organization’s annual non-government health services revenue comes from abortion services. Depending on which price you use, you can even get up to 55 percent. But this type of math is speculative and has limitations. For one, it does not take into account sliding payment scales for patients or reflect costs absorbed by insurance.

Citing Planned Parenthood, the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute, The MammaCare Foundation, the U.S. Census Bureau, and the CDC, Live Action reports that while Planned Parenthood provides only 0.97% of paps and 1.8% of breast exams in the United States, they perform 30.6% of the nation’s abortions.

Planed Parenthood leaders and activists want Americans to believe their organization is a healthcare center first and foremost, and an abortion provider second. This is a lie.

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