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Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah: Catholics DO NOT Have To Support Mass Migration

Vatican cardinal Robert Sarah of Guinea has denounced mass migration as a “new form of slavery,” arguing that the Western world does not benefit by bringing huge influxes of people with little to no regard for border security or cultural hegemony, reports Fox News.

“It is a false exegesis to use the Word of God to promote migration. God never wanted these rifts,” Cardinal Sarah told French publication Valeurs Actuelles before going on to blast bishops who “say fuzzy things, vague, imprecise, to escape criticism, and they marry the stupid evolution of the world.”

Sarah, head of the Vatican liturgy office, minced no words in his denunciation of the prevailing viewpoint among liberal Catholics, which states that the faithful betray Christ by wanting stricter immigration policies, especially from Islamic countries. Liberal Catholics often speak of migration in romantic terms, but Sarah notes there is nothing romantic about people leaving their cultures and homes behind, saying they would best be helped in their culture of origin.

“All migrants who arrive in Europe are penniless, without work, without dignity. … This is what the Church wants?” he said. “The Church can not cooperate with this new form of slavery that has become mass migration. If the West continues in this fatal way, there is a great risk that, due to a lack of birth, it will disappear, invaded by foreigners, just as Rome has been invaded by barbarians.”

Sarah made it clear that he speaks from personal experience. “My country is predominantly Muslim,” he said. “I think I know what reality I’m talking about.”

Cardinal Sarah warned that if Europe were to fall, Islam would prevail as the world religion, altering the course of history and culture as we know it. “If Europe disappears, and with it the priceless values of the Old Continent, Islam will invade the world and we will completely change culture, anthropology, and moral vision,” he warned.

Some European prelates have taken their love of mass migration to the extreme. In 2018, Italian bishop Raffaele Nogaro said he would allow Catholic Churches to become mosques if it meant saving migrants.

“Morally and as a man of faith I would be willing to turn all churches into mosques if it were useful to the cause and if it helped to save the lives of poor and unhappy men and women, because Christ did not come to earth to build churches but to help men regardless of race, religion, or nationality,” said Nogaro.

Pope Francis has consistently promoted mass migration throughout his papacy, repeatedly denouncing the building of walls as a form of imprisonment.

“Builders of walls, be they made of razor wire or bricks, will end up becoming prisoners of the walls they build,” the pope told reporters aboard the papal plane upon returning from Morocco recently, according to CNN. “This is history.”

Earlier this year, when returning from a trip to Panama in January, Pope Francis also said that fear of migrants is making people crazy.

“It is the fear that makes us crazy,” Pope Francis said after reportedly calling a border wall a “folly.”

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