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Vanity Fair Passed On Tara Reade Story, Criticizes Conservative Media For Taking Her Seriously
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A common tactic of left-wing media outlets is to ignore a story, wait while only conservative media outlets cover it, and then claim it’s a conservative conspiracy or right-wing hoax.

Vanity Fair is now following a similar tactic, having passed on Reade’s allegation and now scolding conservatives who stood by President Donald Trump even after 20+ women accused him of sexual assault, though the evidence for their allegations is thin. The New York Times’ Ben Smith reported on April 30 that TV news outlets weren’t booking Reade – even though his employer took 19 days to report her allegations. Smith pointed out that “traditional media” like the Times “waded in carefully,” followed quickly by “fast-moving news site Business Insider,” which reported details that added “weight” to Reade’s story.

“The reporter, Rich McHugh, had taken the story to Vanity Fair first, which declined to publish it, a spokesperson for Vanity Fair confirmed,” Smith reported.

Vanity Fair is now distorting the issue with the conservative movement’s embrace of Reade, by publishing an article titled, “Conservative Media Appears Ready To ‘Believe Women’ Against Biden,” even though that’s not what is happening.

Sure, some or many in conservative media may believe Reade simply because she’s making an allegation against a Democrat, but the major outcry from conservative media is the different standard applied to Biden and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexual assault just before he was set to be confirmed. The allegations against Kavanaugh were incredibly thin, with significant details missing and denials and lack of memory from people who supposedly witnessed the event some 30 years earlier. Yet the allegations against Kavanaugh from Christine Blasey Ford are still deemed “credible” even though there’s no evidence the two were ever in the same place together.

Further, Biden has built his reputation as a “women’s rights” champion by supporting policies that deny due process rights to men, yet now that he has been accused, he claims he always supported vigorous investigation of a woman’s claims.

And let’s not forget that Vanity Fair, which is now criticizing conservative media for covering the Reade allegations, sent reporters to Kavanaugh’s high school to try and dig up dirt on the institution in order to smear the judge, as The Daily Wire previously reported. That report included numerous errors and corrections and was unnecessary in the first place. Kavanaugh had already been confirmed, and so the article was simply a hit piece on his high school out of spite.

“She cited a school that didn’t exist, cars that were never driven, a quarterback that never played that position, and lots of other totally false items,” Patrick Coyle, director of Marketing & Communications at Georgetown Prep, told The Daily Wire in a statement at the time. “And the magazine’s editors did zero fact checking with us. We could have straightened all those errors out and we had asked for the chance to respond but it seems like she just didn’t care. And if she can’t even get basic facts right like that or own up to the mistakes, then why should readers take anything she says seriously?”

Yet Vanity Fair is now trying to take the moral high ground on the Reade allegations.

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