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John Legend Says To Ignore Hungry, Direct Donations To Democrats Instead Of Food Banks
John Legend attends the Los Angeles Series Premiere Of IFC's New Variety Sketch Show "Sherman's Showcase" at The Peppermint Club on July 30, 2019 in Los Angeles, California.
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Musician and left-wing activist John Legend urged fellow Democrats on Thursday to forgo giving money to their local food bank to feed and shelter the homeless and hungry and to direct their money to Senate Democrats in Georgia instead.

Legend, who is married to supermodel and fellow anti-Trumper Chrissy Teigen, made the shocking remarks in response to a tweet from Mark Cuban, who encouraged Americans to give to the needy over political campaigns.

“For those considering donating to Reps or Dems in the Georgia Senate run-offs, can you please re-consider and donate that money to your local foodbank and organizations that can help those without food or shelter?” Cuban posted. “Let’s put Americans in need above Politics.”

Legend turned heads in response, writing: “I get that politics is annoying and contentious, but the bottom line is that the Senate flipping would be far more impactful than a food bank donation. We need massive stimulus and aid to individuals and small businesses. Government needs to do this. Charity isn’t sufficient.”

The “All of Me” singer posted a follow-up tweet claiming he will be doing both: giving to the homeless and to Senate Democrats.

“That being said, I’ll be doing both,” he wrote.

Unsurprisingly, Legend was hit with backlash online from folks across the political spectrum.

Georgia Democrat Barrington Martin ripped the musician: “How much is the Democratic establishment paying you? Seriously advocating against donating to food banks to donate to political campaigns is utterly detestable. It’s a damn shame quite frankly. Remember you said this if we ever see a food shortage anytime soon.”

“Yo f*** your hungry ass.. We need budget reconciliation now,” mocked conservative writer Stephen Miller.

“Folks don’t give to charity! Give to politicians who cling to power and break promises! What a dumpster fire of a tweet,” remarked radio host and journalist Jason Rantz.

“This is who they are,” asserted The Blaze’s Sara Gonzales.

Becket Adams simply responded, “psychotic.”

“Don’t give to the starving poor families, give to the Democrats. Wow!” exclaimed Reagan Battalion.

In addition to the objectionable message from Legend encouraging Americans to forgo donations to the needy, his comment also suggests it is Democrats who are supporting small businesses and individuals, not Republicans, when it is largely the Left and elected Democrats who are advancing brutal lockdown measures that continue to decimate small businesses and their workers.

Moreover, as highlighted by conservative Matt Whitlock, Democrats just last month blocked a $500 billion Senate relief bill from Republicans.

“This is crazy, John,” Whitlock responded. “Democrats just blocked a Senate bill that had funding for individuals and small businesses, House Democrats’ bill didn’t even have small business funding. Telling people not to feed the homeless because a Dem government will take care of them is just wrong.”

On Election Day, Legend and his wife danced to a song called “F*** Donald Trump” and posted it online.

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