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USS Omaha Swarmed By UFOs, According To Newly Leaked Radar Footage From Investigative Filmmaker, Jeremy Corbell
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Jeremy Corbell, who originally leaked footage of a UFO “seen flying erratically in California, before pitching suddenly downwards and beneath the surface of the ocean below,” has released new footage which appears to show the USS Omaha being “swarmed” by numerous unidentified flying objects.

“2019 US Navy warships were swarmed by UFOs; here’s the RADAR footage that shows that. Filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha / July 15th 2019 / this is corroborative electro-optic data demonstrating a significant UFO event series in a warning area off San Diego,” tweeted Corbell on Thursday.

“This footage is unclassified. Still images of this event series was included in the May 1st, 2020 UAPTF intelligence briefing that I have previously reported on,” he added.

“The new unclassified clip shows sailors aboard the Omaha observing as many as nine UFOs swarming the ship at speeds approaching 160 mph,” reported the New York Post.

“138 knots. Holy s*** they’re going fast,” one Navy member is heard to say. “Oh, it’s turning around.”

Corbell and George Knapp, an investigative reporter based in Las Vegas, discussed the new footage on Knapp’s “Mystery Wire” on Thursday.

“Luckily we have footage from the CIC [combat information center] that was obtained by a crew that was specifically called in to film these anomalous events,” Corbell said.

During the episode, Corbell claimed that there were as many as 14 unidentified objects at the beginning of the event.

“So there were 14, at the beginning, I’m not providing that footage, but there were 14,” said Corbell.

“It supports the hypothesis that these are not just a balloon that is dropping into the water, it’s not something that is easily explained, these are true unidentifides in mass number,” he said.

“The objects are truly of unknown origin. If they’re foreign drones, they displayed abilities that exceed our own technology. Anything we know of that is. And that some of them appeared to be transmedium craft, they can fly in the air, they can enter the ocean travel through water as easily as they travel through the air,” noted Knapp toward the start of the episode. “We don’t have drones like that. Ship’s logs show that the Navy was genuinely perplexed.”

The earlier footage released by Corbell showed a single unidentified flying object in California.

“A recently leaked video captured by the U.S. Navy shows an unidentified flying object off the coast of San Diego moving across the sky before suddenly disappearing into the water,” reported The Hill. “The video obtained by documentary filmmaker Jeremy Corbell was filmed in the Combat Information Center of the combat ship the USS Omaha on July 15, 2019.”

“The US Navy photographed & filmed ‘spherical’ shaped UFOs & advanced transmedium vehicles; here is some of that footage,” tweeted Corbell. “Filmed in the Combat Information Center of the USS Omaha / July 15th 2019 / warning area off San Diego @ 11pm PST. No wreckage found. No craft were recovered.”

“This footage is unclassified. Still images of this footage were included in the May 1st, 2020 UAPTF intelligence briefing that I have previously reported on,” Corbell added

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