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Unreliable Sources: CNN Caught Lying About Fox News

By  John Nolte

The bitterness and frustration over at CNN continues to explode. Now that Fox News is collapsing into a growing brand-quagmire of its own stupidity, CNN was expecting to prosper, to blast out of last place, to finally win the big casino after going all-in with two years of hard-left coverage — two years of being the social justice network that openly calls for race riots, lies about everything, and is not very subtle in its push to see President Trump assassinated. Instead…

It is MSNBC that took off — MSNBC! — while CNN still struggles to eke out a million total viewers.


It just wasn’t supposed to be like this.

The selling of a soul is supposed to be worth something, isn’t it?

And so, out of frustration, out of hysterical panic at being left behind by a cable network just as crazy-left, we now have an increasingly desperate CNN talking about President Trump pooping on his desk, we have a dishonest CNN staffer fabricating Ivanka Trump’s $100 million Saudi slush-fund, we have CNN going 24/7 on the Trump hatred, and now, proving that if you lie about the little things you will certainly lie about the big things, CNN has been caught red-handed lying about something as small and dumb as the tone of the Trump-coverage over at Fox News.

Using a wildly-misleading graphic (first caught by The Daily Caller), CNN anchor, the left-wing John Berman, accused Fox News of sucking up to Trump:

[A]ccording to a new study from the Harvard Shorenstein Center on Media Politics that analyzed news coverage of the President’s first 100 days and found that the coverage quote “set a new standard for unfavorable coverage of a President, with Fox News being the only outlet where the majority of the coverage was positive.”

CNN then displayed its own graphic (see below), which showed 67% of the Trump coverage at Fox News was positive:

There is just one problem. That graphic has nothing to do with what Berman says it does. That is a sub-graphic from the study pertaining to a small slice of coverage relating specifically to Trump’s “fitness for office.”

As far as overall news coverage of Trump, as you can see in the graphic below (from the actual study), the truth is that Fox News is actually, well, pretty fair and balanced, with 52% negative and 48% positive.

Look at CNN, which tops the list with 93% negative and 7% Jeffrey Lord.

As far as I know, CNN has not yet corrected this Fake News, which can only mean the lie was deliberate.

You wanna know who else lied deliberately?


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