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University Of California Cancels Pro-Israel Event Over Border Violence. Here’s Their Ridiculous Statement.

The University of California has canceled an event celebrating the university’s study abroad program to Israel in light of the country’s response to the violent Hamas-led riots on the Gaza strip.

On Wednesday, the University of California Education Abroad Program officially announced the cancelation of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of Exchange with Hebrew University set for June 2, as it would apparently be “inappropriate” to celebrate Israel “at this time.”

“Like many of you, we have observed the increasing tension on the Gaza-Israel border with sadness and deep concern,” reads the official statement. “After careful consideration, UCEAP has decided to cancel the event recognizing 50 years of study abroad in Israel that was scheduled for Saturday, June 2.”

The statement continued, “While we fully understand the value and impact that study abroad in Israel has had on the lives of UC students since 1968, we feel it would be inappropriate to host a celebratory event at this time.”

Earlier in the week, riots broke out along the border with the Gaza Strip, a Hamas-controlled area, allegedly in response to President Donald Trump officially moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. The media have unsurprisingly framed the violent riots as mere protests, though the participants have been upfront about their mission: to commit terrorist acts against Jews. As one Gaza “protester” put it, “We want them to burn.”

According to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), they foiled one such terrorist attack attempted by three armed Palestinians near Rafah in the midst of “a particularly violent demonstration,” reports CNN.

Moreover, a senior Hamas official confirmed on Wednesday that 50 of those killed by the IDF in defense of their border and their people were members of Hamas, a terrorist group.

Despite the reality of the situation, which includes Israel acting in self-defense to violence and threats, it is apparently unpalatable to even celebrate a study abroad program to Israel at an American university. Shameful.