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‘Unhinged, Manic Rage’: Trump Blasts Riots Roiling D.C. And Says Mayor ‘Should Be Ashamed Of Herself’
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President Donald Trump railed against protesters who allegedly assailed lawmakers in Washington, D.C., and claimed that Mayor Muriel Bowser is not doing enough to prevent such behavior.

“Today’s Democrat Party is filled with hate,” Trump said. “Just look at Joe Biden’s supporters on the streets, screaming and shouting at bystanders with unhinged, manic rage, right? You see it. It’s crazy. It’s crazy. You ought to see last night in Washington—it was a disgrace.”

As reported by The Daily Caller’s Phillip Nieto, protesters verbally assailed Republican National Convention (RNC) attendees as they moved from the White House lawn to their hotels nearby.

“It was a disgrace that these people are representing the United States of America,” Trump continued.

“It was a disgrace. ‘Protesters.’ You know what I say? ‘Protesters, your ass.’ I don’t talk about my ass,” the president said to laughter and applause from the audience.

“They’re not protesters,” Trump went on. “Those aren’t [protesters]. Those are anarchists, they’re agitators, they’re rioters, they’re looters.”

Trump went on to allege that “some” of the media portray the people roiling the nation’s cities as “friendly protesters,” which was met with boos from the crowd. He also denounced the mob attack on Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), who was harassed by a crowd of protesters.


Trump also laid blame on Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser for allegedly not doing enough to quell the riots roiling the capital, which endangered members of Congress such as Paul.

“What I didn’t like … the thugs outside because the Democratic mayor of Washington, D.C.—it’s another Democrat that’s not believing in law and order.” Explaining how the federal government provides ample funds for the government of the federal capital, Trump said, “She doesn’t run anything.”

Noting how many of the RNC attendees at the White House last night were met with riotous behavior from protesters, Trump went on to criticize Mayor Bowser.

“And the mayor should be ashamed of herself for that kind of a display of incompetence,” the president said. “Because that’s what happening in Portland, and that’s what’s happening all over [where] you have Democrat-run cities—just take a look.”

“And we’re looking at the whole situation in D.C.,” Trump added. “And tonight they have a lot of people gathering. Let’s see how that works out.”

Trump went on to claim that Bowser often asks for money, to which he responded, “What are you going to waste it on, mayor?”

As The Daily Wire reported, protesters accosted Sen. Rand Paul and his wife as they attempted to move from the White House to their hotel in downtown Washington, D.C., during the final night of the Republican National Convention.

Paul described the people as a “crazed mob” and called on federal law enforcement to investigate what he alleged as a larger criminal conspiracy involving “interstate criminal traffic being paid for across state lines.”

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