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Law School Class President Facing Recall For Not Believing Classmate’s Demonstrably False Claim Of Racism
CHAPEL HILL, NC - AUGUST 18: Students walk through the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on August 18, 2020 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The school halted in-person classes and reverted back to online courses after a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases over the past week.
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Activists at the University of North Carolina’s law school are recalling a minority student from his position of power after he exonerated a peer whose out-of-context comments upset the woke echelons. 

Sagar Sharma is a first-year law student at the University of North Carolina (UNC), where he serves as the first-year class co-president. Sharma is facing a recall election after he refused to condemn comments that were taken out of context. 

Activists will host the recall on Tuesday, March 9, which requires two-thirds of the student body to vote him out of office.  

The recall process began after two first-year law students got into a heated debate about colonialism in North America. According to a transcript of the recorded conversation, “Student A” claimed that Europeans brutally colonized the west while “Student B” pointed out that brutal practices, conquest, and enslavement were commonplace before colonization. 

Student B suggested that Student A — a black man — look at the ongoing battle in Cameroon for an example of modern-day colonization. Student A claims that Student B explicitly told him to “return to Africa.” Those words were never uttered. 

The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) ran with the false recollection of the conversation and circulated a letter accusing Student B of being a racist for suggesting “that a Black peer should return to Africa.”

In his capacity as co-president, Sharma reviewed the transcript over the contentious conversation and sent out a letter to his peers confirming that no student told any other student to “return to Africa.” 

“Upon reviewing ALL of the evidence presented to me, I simply cannot come to the conclusion being disseminated within the law school,” Sharma wrote. “It is not rooted in genuine fact. The BLSA Letter refers to a specific incident. One that, within context, cannot be classified as racism or hate speech.”

Sharma was immediately met with calls for resignation and threats for a recall. The recall efforts have been spearheaded by Student A who claims that Sharma used his position of power to “advocate against diversity and inclusion.” Student A insists that Sharma is denying the existence of racism because being “anti-racist” involves believing the lived experiences of black people — even if they’re verifiably false.

The recall petition said Sharma’s letter is, “demonstrating his self-endowed entitlement to weigh in on BLACK people’s subjective experience with racism and white supremacy.” 

Student A has a history of making controversial comments in the law school’s group messaging apps. Student A once called the coronavirus “ethnic cleansing” and dubbed America a “little colonial settler state project.” 

“Hope this brings this moment full circle as we endure the ongoing ethnic cleansing known as COVID-19. Perhaps think about how those not acting as actively anti-racist will be written about in another 100 years as more white people die than are being born and the numbers flip,” Student A wrote. “Good thing black people just want equality and not revenge for this little colonial settler state project. I hope you all may think of this everytime [sic] you hail the 13 stripes representing the 13 original colonies on the American flag.” 

Sharma has been subjected to bullying by other students as well. During a Zoom call, a student — who intends to run against Sharma for class president in the fall — said that Sharma exonerated Student B because he wanted to be welcomed to the “white boys club.” 

“My guy clearly wants to be welcomed into the ‘white boys’ club so of course, it makes him feel good.” 

The university refuses to launch an investigation into the bullying campaigns against Sharma and Student B, who was falsely accused of being a racist. 

“Sometimes [being a lawyer] means taking a tough position on a controversial issue and speaking up when others won’t,” Sharma told The Daily Wire. 

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