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UH-OH: Antifa Feuding With Democratic Socialists Who ‘Left Them Hanging’ When Cops Showed Up

By  Emily

Members of Antifa are now feuding with their colleagues in the “Democratic Socialists of America,” after the socialists abandoned a protest against the Trump Administration’s immigration policies Saturday, leaving Antifa members to the mercy of local law enforcement.

According to The Daily Caller, Antifa members now say they were “betrayed” and “abandoned” by DSA, whom they now accuse of actively collaborating with the “pigs” of the Dallas Police Department.

“@DSA_NorthTexas leadership decided to collab with the pigs and pulled their people from the demo leaving undocumented peeps and everyone else at risk of arrest,” a local Antifa group tweeted Monday, the Caller reports.

“After speaking with DSA leadership the pigs moved in moments after DSA leaving,” Antifa continued. “Not all DSA peeps followed their leadership & stayed. Some were even arrested. When Jail Support reached out to collab they were were met with silence. They offered no support to their arrested members.”

That’s a tough break.

According to a local news report, five members of both DSA and Antifa were arrested on Saturday after attempting to block a roadway leading to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Dallas, Texas. The protest was small — only about 75 people — so it seems Antifa was able to immediately identify demonstrators who weren’t affiliated with their group.

All of the protesters who were arrested quickly made bail, but it doesn’t seem anyone in either group is interested in quickly making amends.

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