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UCSB College Republicans Signs Advertising Ben Shapiro Lecture Vandalized

By  Elliott Hamilton

Last night, some University of California, Santa Barbara College Republicans built five wooden signs and painted upon those signs advertisements for their upcoming event featuring Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro. According to College Republicans president Andrew Gates, the group placed the signs on a bike path on campus per school regulations and with the approval of the Office of Student Life at 2 a.m.. By 9 a.m., all five signs were defaced with spray paint.

Here is a sign at around 2 AM:

Here is another sign seven hours later.

There is no word on who is responsible, but after the fascist protests at UC Berkeley for Milo Yiannapoulos, it would not be a surprise if a leftist felt compelled to silence College Republicans’ right to advertise their event with Shapiro.

“This is unsurprising,” Gates told The Daily Wire in an email. “Leftists, for all their talk of ‘resistance’ and ‘revolution,’ cannot even handle dissenting opinions from a minority political group on campus without destroying property or using some other means to silence the opposition.”

Gates indicated this would not deter the College Republicans and they look forward to hosting Shapiro in nearly three weeks.

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