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A UCLA Student Working At David Geffen Medical Center Told Jews To “Get The F*** Out of Here.” When Will UCLA Kick Her The Hell Out?

By  Pardes Seleh

Lisa Marie Mendez, a University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) student and employee at the UCLA Medical Center, has made her extreme distaste for “fucking Zionist pigs” crystal clear this past month in her rant against Jews on Facebook. Mendez’s racist comments in response to a pro-Israel Facebook post by Jewish actress Mayim Bialik, were picked up by a UCLA student and publicized to the UCLA community.

The following are a few of Mendez’s comments as discovered by Liat Menna, student president of Students Supporting Israel (SSI) at UCLA:

Fucking Jews. GTFOH with all your Zionist bullshit. Crazy ass fucking troglodyte albino monsters of cultural destruction. Fucking Jews. GTFOH with your whiny bullshit. Give the Palestinians back their land, go back to Poland or whatever freezer-state you’re from, and realize that faith does not constitute race.

Mendez elaborated on her bitter hatred against Jews, using a series of adjectives such as “capitalist colonizers” and “greedy lifeless pieces of shit.” She begged for “public shaming of Zionists” and asked that all Jews leave “back to Israel.”

After her rant gained widespread attention on Facebook and pro-Israel websites, Mendez worsened her situation by spewing more hatred on the SSI at UCLA Facebook page:

Good for you to want to get me fired. I can imagine that colonialists like you can’t have people like me with good jobs, especially when behind closed doors you treat us like all slaves. I’m Mexican, my family is from the land we stand on. You’re the foreigners, locusts who steal resources and oppress people. I work with you people everyday. I go to school with your rotten children who have screamed obscenities in my face. The United States and the UN facilitated you taking this land from the Palestinians, with no other justification but that your religion entitles you to it. I’ve heard that before; the Spanish used that same logic when they came into the Americas. So don’t sit here and tell me you’re gonna get me fired, I’m an anti-Semite or whatever– I’m here on social media which means absolutely nothing I don’t know any of you from a ton of bricks, and you’ll destroy my life because you’re fucking trolls, armchair politicians who do nothing but pick your nose, scratch your ass and talk shit on FB. You never had your family dragged out of your house by the cops, or had to witness your children gunned down by them, have your family destroyed when they are deported, etc. You people don’t care about any other culture’s problems, of which you are participant when you come into our communities and destroy our small businesses.

“I have the guts to say what you can’t,” Mendez taunted. “So tell them that when you make your little anonymous phone call, you fucking cowards.”

Mendez alleged that she did not care if her comments were to get her fired and challenged critics to call her employer.

“I still have a job, so what’s up?” she pointed out.

Naturally, people responded to Mendez’s remarks by contacting her employer at David Geffen as well as the UCLA undergraduate vice-chancellor Janine Montero. It was expected that her rampant hatred against all Jews, which includes the founding David Geffen, would be ill-received by the university administration.

Montero responded in a mass email to UCLA undergraduates with an incredibly weak message, emphasizing that Mendez’s “allegedly posted” comments were “on a private Facebook page not affiliated with UCLA.”

We have become aware of anti-Semitic comments allegedly posted by a UCLA student on a private Facebook page not affiliated with UCLA. The hurtful and offensive comments displayed ignorance of the history and racial diversity of the Jewish people, insensitivity and a disappointing lack of empathy. Bigotry against the Jewish people or other groups is abhorrent and does not represent the values of UCLA or the beliefs of our community.

Josh Samuels, Mendez’s employer at David Geffen, responded that the university will do nothing in response to Mendez’s Facebook rant.

“We must also keep in mind that the University cannot control the activities of individuals in their personal lives when not acting on behalf of the University, and that the First Amendment protects individual’s private speech, however reprehensible the University finds it,” Samuels wrote in an email.

Menna told The Daily Wire that Mendez’s position as a UCLA employee and student has not been compromised, despite the circumstances.

“If it was any other race that was slandered or defamed then it would be taken as a threat against the treatment of those clients,” Menna told The Daily Wire, adding that the “threat would be substantial enough to remove her from her employment in order to preserve the safety and quality service of the institution in question.”

“This incident is not unique, nor are the statements shared by the perpetrator new,” Arielle Mokhtarzadeh, UCLA student and vice president of Bruins For Israel wrote to the Daily Bruin. “Hateful rhetoric, discriminatory attitudes and bigoted sentiments against the Jewish community exist across the UC – it is a fact we can no longer afford to deny.”

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