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UCLA Professor Testified Against Dean In Sexual Harassment Case. The Dean Filed A False Title IX Complaint On Behalf Of HIS Accuser To Frame Professor.
Students walk on the campus of University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) in Los Angeles, California on March 11, 2020.
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University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) professor of dentistry Kang Eric Ting testified against a dean in a sexual harassment case back in 2018. After that, Ting alleges, the dean tried to get his accuser to file a false harassment claim against the professor. When the woman refused, the dean filed the false claim on her behalf.

The College Fix reported that Ting “put a target on his back” when he testified against Senior Associate Dean Sotirios Tetradis. The Daily Bruin, UCLA’s student newspaper, reviewed documents related to the case and reported on the lawsuit that Ting has since filed against the university.

Ting filed his lawsuit this week, alleging he was the victim of retaliatory abuse after testifying against Tetradis. The first retaliation came when Ting was removed as the chair of the Section of Orthodontics, the Bruin reported. Ting said in his lawsuit that he was already in the crosshairs of department leaders after he requested a leave of absence in 2017 to travel back to Taiwan to care for his sick father.

Ting isn’t the only one who has filed a lawsuit against the school over this incident. Justine Tanjaya, the woman who filed the complaint against dean Tetradis, also filed a lawsuit against the dean and the university. In her lawsuit, Tanjaya claimed dean Tetradis tried to get her to file a false Title IX complaint against Ting. She refused. She said Tetradis made the false claim anyway – on her behalf. Ting was Tanjaya’s mentor, since she was a doctoral student in the UCLA School of Dentistry.

It is unclear what Tanjaya alleged Tetradis had done to sexually harass her.

Ting alleged this false allegation from Tetradis delayed his leave of absence by six weeks.

Ting, in his lawsuit, also named UCLA School of Dentistry Dean Paul Krebsbach and four other professors who served as interim replacements for the professor. Ting alleged that he suffered mentally and physically from the retaliation by Tetradis and Krebsbach, developing “insomnia, anxiety, depression, a stomach ulcer and gastrointestinal issues, the last of which required a gastrointestinal tract procedure,” the Bruin reported. Ting claimed UCLA questioned his medical leave requests. Ting would eventually file a Title IX discrimination complaint alleging the university was ignoring his health issues. He filed other grievances as well, which were all denied by UCLA’s Academic Senate.

Ting then filed complaints with California’s Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which granted him a right to sue in December 2019. Ting filed his first DFEH complaint in August 2018 and a second in late 2019. Tanjaya filed her sexual harassment complaint against Tetradis in June 2018 and her lawsuit against him and the university in April 2019. Ting began filing grievances with UCLA in 2018.

UCLA did not respond to a comment request by the Bruin.

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