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WATCH: Two Men Try To Rob 7/11 Using Fake Gun. Security Guard Shoots Them With Real Gun.

By  Jared Sichel

Don’t bring a fake gun to a gunfight.

Or, better yet, don’t try to rob a 7-Eleven with a fake gun when the security guard has a real one.

Two would-be robbers would have done well to take this elementary advice before their attempted “armed” robbery went awry when a heroic armed security guard shot the men and held them at gunpoint until the police arrived.

In this YouTube video that’s making the rounds, two black males in hoodies enter a 7-Eleven in Hamilton, New Jersey just before midnight and approach the counter.

One takes out his fake gun (that looks real), hops the counter, and pushes the cashier to the side.

The other criminal removes his backpack, jumps the counter, and opens the cash register.

As he’s about to begin removing cash, a security guard bursts into the store and shoots both robbers, who fall to the ground.

The guard then approaches the counter and again shoots the robber holding the fake gun, while the other yells, “It’s fake! It’s fake!”

“Oh well,” the guard responds. “Mine’s real!”

“Am I shot?” asks one of the robbers.

“Oh, f**k yeah!” says the guard in the video.

“Oh, f**k,” says the wounded robber.

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