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Twitter CEO ‘Boosts’ Chick-fil-A. Internet Melts Down.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey set the internet ablaze after he “boosted” Chick-fil-A on Saturday. Amid backlash from fellow progressives, he has officially apologized for admitting to the world that he loves the fast food chain — an even more egregious sin to activists because he did it during Pride Month.

On Saturday, Dorsey tweeted a screenshot from his phone showing his recent purchases at America’s favorite fried chicken franchise.

In a series of rebukes highlighted by The Daily Caller’s Peter Hasson, Dorsey was reprimanded by fellow liberals, including CNN’s Soledad O’Brien, for his endorsement of the company. “This is an interesting company to boost during Pride month,” wrote O’Brien.

“[B]ack to the part where @jack is boosting a notoriously anti-LGBTQ company in the middle of #Pride month…” tweeted one outraged follower. “Chick-fil-A funded several anti gay marriage groups and has a long history of bigoted hiring and firing practices,” one person alleged falsely. “Speak with your money and spend your money in ways that help promote lgbt Americans in positive ways. Other companies sell chicken that don’t hate you.” Another wrote: “On behalf of the whole LGBTQ community, Jack, kindly boost your head out of your a**.” Others demanded that Dorsey now give GLAAD “free advertising”:

But others came to Chick-fil-A’s defense:

On Sunday, Dorsey expressed his regret for promoting the company in a concise apology. “You’re right. Completely forgot about their background,” he wrote.

That “background” is the root of a boycott campaign against Chick-fil-A because CEO Dan Cathy openly supported traditional marriage back in 2012. The boycott quickly failed. In fact, it wasn’t just a failure: the fast food chain saw a surge in support and has continued to thrive since. It is one of the most successful fast food chains in the world.

Chick-fil-A was recently targeted again by activists when it opened its first restaurant in New York City, but despite pushback, including from The New Yorker, the chain is doing quite well there — as it always does, to the severe disappointment of its critics.

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