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Remember When Pence Was Mocked For Only Eating Alone With His Wife? Here’s Some Polling Leftists Will HATE.

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Remember when the Left lost their collective mind over a resurfaced 2002 interview in which now-Vice President Mike Pence revealed that he avoids dining alone with women other than his wife, Karen Pence, out of respect for their marriage?

Turns out, a lot of Americans agree with Pence, who was absurdly likened to a Sharia-compliant sexist by leftists appalled by the Pences’ devotion to each other.

Talk about having a finger on the pulse of America. No wonder these people can’t win an election.

According to a Morning Consult poll conducted for The New York Times, a majority of women (60%) and nearly half of all men (48%) feel it’s inappropriate to have drinks alone with a member of the opposite sex who is not your spouse. There were similar findings for one-on-one dinners with the opposite sex: 53% of women and 45% of men disapproving. Moreover, 44% of women and 36% of men felt even a lunch with a member of the opposite sex other than your spouse was inappropriate.

The Left attempted to fashion their disdain as a rallying cry for “equality.” If a woman can’t have a one-on-one dinner with a married man, how can she possibly get ahead at work? This is nonsense, of course; a mere cover for their hatred for any sense of traditionalism and glimpse at their incessant confusion between respect and misogyny.

Mike Pence will not put himself in a compromising position, or even the appearance of a compromising position, out of respect for his wife, and, not to mention, a large percentage of Americans agree with his logic (more women than men!). But this is archaic and thus contemptible to the Left, the party allegedly packed with “feminists.”

Even if those on the Left disagree with this common take on boundaries for a healthy marriage (that actually lasts), the mockery is what’s so stunning here. At a time when marriages are hovering around a 50% chance of falling apart, why not examine if Pence’s position actually has some validity instead of spewing knee-jerk mockery?

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