Tuesday Afternoon Update: No Manhattan Indictment, L.A. School Worker Strike, Biden Signs COVID Origins Act
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No Manhattan Indictment

Former President Donald Trump will reportedly not be charged today by progressive Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg. Daily Wire managing editor Greg Wilson told Afternoon Update:

According to a source close to the matter, the Manhattan Grand Jury is expected to reconvene Wednesday to continue to weigh charges against the former president. The decision was made as law enforcement officials, mostly in New York and D.C., are preparing for potential protests from both sides of the political aisle no matter which way it goes. Trump and his team have long denied any impropriety and argue that the legal precedent is on his side, even if he is indicted.

Russia Claims It Intercepted 2 U.S. B-52 Bombers

Russia says that one of its fighter jets intercepted two U.S. B-52 bombers over the Baltic Sea on Monday, a potential provocation that comes just days after Russian planes forced a U.S. drone into the Black Sea. Daily Wire reporter Tim Pearce told Afternoon Update:

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, a Russian Su-35 was scrambled toward the U.S. planes, which were headed toward Russia, but it returned to its base when the B-52s turned away. The statement was accompanied by footage the ministry said was shot from the Russian plane’s cockpit that appeared to show one of the two American jets. The incident came as Chinese President Xi Jinping was in Moscow for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin aimed at ending the Russia-Ukraine war. It also followed two Russian nuclear bombers flying over the Sea of Japan for several hours just as Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida was visiting Ukraine.

Biden Signs COVID Origins Act

President Biden announced this week that he will be declassifying some intelligence related to the origins of the COVID pandemic, just days after Congress unanimously passed legislation forcing the issue. Daily Wire’s Tim Meads reported:

Biden signed Republican Senator Josh Hawley’s COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023 into law on Monday, saying that he shares Congress’ goal of releasing “as much information as possible about the origin of the virus.” However, Biden added that he may have portions of the intelligence redacted for the purpose of protecting U.S. national security. Hawley called the move a “huge victory for transparency,” adding that it’s “now time for accountability.” It’s unclear when the Origins report will be released.


Los Angeles School Workers Strike

Los Angeles public school classes were canceled last minute due to a school worker union strike that began today. The union represents about 30,000 school custodians, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and other school support staff. Even though this is a school worker strike rather than a teacher strike, LA’s major teacher’s union, United Teachers Los Angeles, joined in. That forced the school district to abruptly cancel classes this morning.

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