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Trump Won Fewer Votes Than Romney Did

Donald Trump is going to be the next president of the United States–despite winning less votes than Mitt Romney did 2012.

The numbers are stunning:

If the numbers are accurate, then the key to Trump’s stunning victory was a lack of turnout for Hillary Clinton–apparently she could not generate the same excitement about the Democrat Party’s base that President Barack Obama could.

Indeed, millions of people chose not to vote:

And Trump’s win was due to razor-thin victories in key states:

Ironically, it appears likely that Clinton will win the popular vote but lose the Electoral College vote, making her the Democrats’ new Al Gore, without the drama of a recount.

All that said, there is one major caveat about the numbers showing that Trump won less votes than Romney:

Regardless, the fact remains that Trump pulled off an upset victory due to Clinton being unable to generate turnout, which is really due to one thing:

Clinton truly was enough of a terrible candidate to lose, even though the preliminary votes show that Trump earned fewer votes than Romney.