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Trump vs. McCaskill: ‘Washington Post’ Fact Checker Caught Lying … Again

By  John Nolte

In all my years of covering the media, never have I come across a bigger or more shameless liar than Glenn Kessler, the so-called fact-checker for the leftwing Washington Post. His favorite game is calling Republicans liars for telling the truth. Carly Fiorina started out as a secretary. Kessler called her a liar for saying so. Barack Obama did not visit Israel during his first term. Kessler called Mitt Romney a liar for saying so. And on and on

Last week, the left-wing Kessler (who openly taunts Republicans on his Twitter feed) did the same to President Trump. Here is what Donald Trump said late last month

It has gotten so bad that nearly 20 million Americans have chosen to pay the penalty or received an exemption rather than buy insurance. That’s something that nobody has ever heard of or thought could happen, and they’re actually doing that rather than being forced to buy insurance.

Pretty straightforward. So let’s break down the cold, hard facts in Trump’s statement. Trump clearly stated that nearly 20 million Americans have either 1) paid the ObamaCare penalty or 2) received an exemption from the penalty. Now, this should be pretty easy to fact check, correct?

Well, in fact, it is, and what Kessler himself found is that when you add up the number of Americans who paid the ObamaCare penalty during the last tax year (6.5 million) and the number of Americans who received an exemption (12.7 million), the total is 19.2 million — or, exactly what Trump said, “nearly 20 million Americans.”

So what Trump stated is clearly true. But guess what? Kessler still gave Trump 3 out of 4 Pinocchios — still called him a liar. Why? Because in Kessler’s demented and SUBJECTIVE mind (which has nothing to do with FACTS), Trump used “slippery language.”

Again… Trump’s FACTS were 100% correct (and I don’t see the slippery language). Nevertheless, the President is smeared as a liar for only one reason: because The Washington Post hired a big, fat lying left-winger as a fact-checker. Smearing someone as a liar for telling the truth … is lying. Glenn Kessler is lying. That’s not exactly a shocker, but it is worth pointing out.

And I haven’t even gotten to the worst part yet. You ready for this? Seriously, you might want to sit down because you are not going to believe it…

On the very same day Kessler smeared Trump with 3 Pinocchios for telling the truth, Kessler gave Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill only 3 Pinocchios for tweeting the flat-out lie that she had never met or shared a phone call with the Russian ambassador, “ever.”

Here’s McCaskill’s lie:

I’ve been on the Armed Services Com for 10 years. No call or meeting w/Russian ambassador. Ever. Ambassadors call members of Foreign Rel Com.

Except, according to her own tweets from 2013 and 2015, McCaskill has both had a “meeting” with and a “call” with the Russian ambassador.


For telling an objective truth, The Washington Post smears REPUBLICAN Trump as a liar with 3 Pinocchios.

But after telling a flat-out lie, this very same Washington Post awards the DEMOCRAT McCaskill the exact same number of Pinocchios it gave Trump for telling the truth.

Anymore questions about why Trump has much higher approval ratings than the national media?

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