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TRUMP UNLEASHED: Tweets About Miss Universe 1997, ‘Check Out Sex Tape’

By  Ben Shapiro

After a rotten debate performance, Donald Trump spent this week talking about how all of the unscientific polls online showed he won, as well as pivoting to why he wasn’t wrong to label a woman “Miss Piggy” and “Miss Housekeeping” in 1997.

Here are just a few of the topics he ignored in order to focus on these crucial issues less than 40 days from a presidential election:

  • The mass shooter in Washington State, a Turkish legal resident and non-citizen, voted three times in the United States. This should have been a perfect segue for Trump to talk about importation of unvetted Muslim immigrants and voter fraud.
  • FBI Director James Comey was grilled before Congress, where he essentially admitted that he unnecessarily handed immunity to Hillary’s top aide Cheryl Mills, and ignored important revelations about Clinton’s IT guy soliciting help wiping information from Reddit.
  • The Obama administration signed a secret document with Iran to execute the prisoner swap and send them cash. They’ve been denying that for months.
  • Obamacare continues to collapse. The Obama administration is using a secret Obamacare slush fund to send cash to insurers instead of back to the federal Treasury, as it is required to do by law.
  • Genocide continues apace in Syria (“Aleppo has become a giant kill box” – Doctors Without Borders) while the Obama administration does nothing but have John Kerry threaten to stop speaking with the Russians.

All of this would be rich material for Trump to mine.

Unfortunately, he’s busy tweeting about his Miss Universe 1997, Alicia Machado.

Now, as I’ve said all week, this entire story is a media set-up. But that doesn’t mean Trump has to keep it alive. But that’s just what he’s doing, because he’s incapable of letting go any slight. Thus, at 3:20 AM ET on Friday morning, he finally escaped from the cave where Kellyanne Conway has chained him and grabbed his phone. He opened his Twitter app and unleashed this storm:

There are several problems here.

First and least importantly, Trump’s sourcing has been rather questionable on claims ranging from Ted Cruz’s dad assassinating JFK to Barack Obama’s birth certificate to Hillary Clinton somehow making Machado a citizen.

Second, Trump doesn’t really get to object to sex tapes by immigrants, given his wife’s lesbian nude photo shoot history and his bragging to Howard Stern about watching Paris Hilton’s sex tape even though he’s known her since she was 12.

Third, Trump could have cited a bevy of other problems with regard to Machado gaining citizenship, including accusations of complicity in murder and threatening a judge, as well as siring a child with a drug lord.

Finally, and most importantly, what in the hell is he even talking about?!

Donald Trump gained in the polls over the last six weeks because he didn’t kick himself in the crotch. His team controlled him, or he controlled himself. But then the actual Donald Trump that Kellyanne Conway kept chained in the basement of Trump Tower escaped his cell and murdered the Robot Trump sent to take his place. The result: chaos.

Donald Trump can still win. But he can’t win if he’s busy feeding his insecurities on Twitter at 3:20 AM instead of talking about real issues. He’s just giving the media and Hillary Clinton what they want. She began this week with one mission: to make Trump look unstable and unreliable. Trump’s certainly helped her out.

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