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Trump Trolling Master Class: ‘Obama Was Born In The United States. Period.’

On Friday, Donald Trump trolled the media, then crushed them over the birther issue. He told the media that he’d be speaking about his comments on Thursday, when he said he didn’t want to talk about whether President Obama was born in the United States. Naturally, the media, expecting Crazy Donald to show up and start babbling nonsensically about long-form vs. short-form birth certificates, covered his event live. This, they thought, would be the moment when they would finally remind the American public that Trump is too crazy to be president!

Instead, Trump pitched his magnificent DC hotel, and then ushered up veteran after veteran to endorse him, explaining that war veterans are not the “deplorables” Hillary Clinton labeled his supporters. The media covered it, until they realized what Trump was doing. Then they cut away.

Ben Shapiro
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