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Trump Should Just Be His Own Chief Of Staff. Here’s Why.

By  Ben Shapiro

On Friday, former New Jersey Governor and McDonald’s manservant Chris Christie announced that he would not accept the job of chief of staff in the Trump White House, apparently throwing the process into chaos once more. Christie had reportedly met with Trump on Thursday evening, and Trump was interested in Christie joining the administration to replace General John Kelly. Christie stated, “It’s an honor to have the President consider me as he looks to choose a new White House chief-of-staff. However, I’ve told the President that now is not the right time for me or my family to undertake this serious assignment. As a result, I have asked him to no longer keep me in any of his considerations for this post.”

Chris Christie is not currently employed. He has no young children. He’s got a new book coming out next year, but that’s pretty much it. Yet he’s now removed his name from consideration — or at least he’s pretending that he did. The man did take a train down to D.C. to interview for the job.

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