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Is Trump Sexist? Here Are 7 Women The Trump Campaign Has Targeted [Photos]

Is Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump sexist? Many have launched such an accusation at The Donald on the basis of his countless misogyny-fueled attacks on women with whom he finds disagreement, or even just fault in their ever-important appearance.

During his tenure thus far in the pursuit of occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Trump’s campaign has sought out and attacked numerous women. Here are seven of them.

1. Megyn Kelly: Trump turned on Kelly after she dared to ask him a question concerning his past sexist remarks; ironically, Trump responded by spewing sexist remarks at Kelly…for bringing up his sexist remarks?

The Manhattan socialite then accused Kelly of being unable to ask fair questions because she menstruates: Kelly had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her… wherever,” said Trump. He then proceeded to call Kelly–a successful lawyer-turned-journalist-turned-hit cable news host–a “bimbo,” a “lightweight,” “not very sharp” and “crazy.” He also said he doesn’t want to “woo” her…

2. Michelle Fields: Michelle Fields was reportedly grabbed and pulled backward by Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Instead of issuing a simple apology, the Trump campaign chose to smear Fields as a liar and an “attention seeker.”

Trump stood by Lewandowski even after video surveillance corroborated Fields’ claims and Lewandowski was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery.

Fields has since reportedly received numerous death threats, subsequently abandoning her own apartment as a result.

3. Heidi Cruz: An anti-Trump Super Pac, mockingly named “Make America Awesome” tweeted out a photo of Trump’s wife Melania. Therefore, Trump attacked Senator Ted Cruz’s wife Heidi for her appearance. Of course, this makes no logical sense, but this is Trump we’re talking about: a petty, illogical man.

Trump posted an unflattering photo of Mrs. Cruz next to a touched-up photo of his model wife, because to Trump, women are only worthy based on their appearance. Trump also threatened to “spill the beans” on Mrs. Cruz.

4. Amanda Carpenter: Stunningly, the Trump campaign has ties to a grotesque and unsubstantiated National Enquirer tabloid smear targeting Ted Cruz, accusing the Texas senator of having affairs with five different women. Former Cruz employee Amanda Carpenter was one of them.

Making matters more despicable, Trump’s director of social media Dan Scavino tweeted out a conspiracy-laced video tying Carpenter to an affair with Cruz. “The link” in the absurd video: Carpenter once wore a women’s three-quarter length jacket, with rousing, and one time Cruz didn’t wear a man’s jacket on TV. Or something.

Carpenter has a husband and children.

5. Carly Fiorina: Trump personally attacked former presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina for “that face,” because, again, the only thing that makes a woman worthy is what she looks like.

“Look at that face!” said Trump, “Would anyone vote for that?”

Trump attacked Fiorina because she was rising in the polls and killing in the Republican debates; Fiorina was a threat because of her substance, so Trump attacked her appearance.

6. Dana Perino: Former press secretary for President George W. Bush and current Fox News co-host on The Five Dana Perino once dared to criticize All Mighty Trump’s ridiculous antics, poking fun at him for rambling on for 50 minutes about nationalism.

Trump immediately honed in on Perino for crossing him, threatening to release past communication from the two of them, a “Thank You” card from Perino to Trump specifically. The real estate mogul also tweeted that Perino begged him for a tweet when her book came out, “And The Good News is….”

Hilariously, Perino still calls out Trump on Fox News, most memorably for Trump’s pathetic “soft trutherism” about 9/11 in a past Republican debate; she even did so while sitting next to co-host Eric Boiling—maybe the most blatant in-the-tank Trumpster on Fox, save Sean Hannity, of course.

7. Dana Loesch: Female conservative icon Dana Loesch has been outspoken in her opposition to Trump; Loesch hopped on National Review’s “Never Trump” special edition and then again opposed the frontrunner when he stood by Lewandowski after smearing Michelle Fields prior to his aforementioned misdemeanor battery arrest.

Subsequent to her stances opposing Trump, Loesch received endless threats which she made public: Trump supporters called her despicable names, made disturbing sexually suggestive comments and launched fetish-like death threats toward her.

The Trump campaign kept quiet all the while; no condemnation, not a single word.

Besides the seven women listed above who have been singled out and attacked by the Trump campaign, the fearless leader himself has a storied past of sexist behavior:

Trump has been on record attacking women for their appearance, using choice words such as “dog,” “fat pig,” and “slob” to name a few.

Trump has cheated on at least one wife, possibly two.

Trump has spoken about women, specifically and generally, as if they were sex objects solely on this planet to please him, nothing more. For example, Trump once said that all that matters is “a nice piece of ass” after whining about bad press. He also left Fox News host Tucker Carlson a voicemail bragging that, although Carlson has better hair, Trump “gets more pussy.” He told a contestant on “The Apprentice” that it would be a “pretty picture” to see her on her knees. About women, Trump said, simply: “you have to treat them like shit.”

Trump has even slandered his own wives; he once lamented about his second wife Marla Maples for having “nice tits,” but “no brains.”

Trump was even accused of raping his first wife Ivana, an accusation she has since recanted.

So, is Donald Trump sexist? We doubt an answer is really necessary.

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