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Trump Retweets 16-Year-Old To Attack CNN

By  Amanda Prestigiacomo

Most of us thought—or maybe wished—Donald Trump’s bad habit of at-times entertaining, yet chaotic and counter-productive tweeting would stop once the Republican primary battle narrowed down to a select few. We were wrong.

For instance, the sexist my-wife-is-hotter-than-yours tweet.

But after he won the nomination, Trump would certainly turn into Presidential Trump, as he insisted he would, right? Nope.

Remember the sex-tape tweet?

Then, after Trump defied all odds and became the President-elect of the United States of America, we figured there was no way Trump would continue to tweet like a teenager just let off from a summer-long grounding. Wrong again.

On Monday, after Trump insisted (without evidence) that he would have won the popular vote if it hadn’t been for “millions” of illegals casting ballots for his rival Hillary Clinton, our president-elect went after CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny for asking for evidence. The president-elect did so by retweeting a 16-year-old kid.

No, really.

“Pathetic – you have no sufficient evidence that Donald Trump did not suffer from voter fraud, shame! Bad reporter,” says the retweet, a screenshot of which is now the background photo for the teenager’s Twitter account.

Meet Seth, the author of Trump’s attack: He’s 16 years old, roots for the Oakland Raiders, LA Angels, Anaheim Ducks and the Charlotte Hornets. He also wants to “Make America Great Again.”

There is nothing wrong with Seth, of course. But it is highly odd the leader of the free world is retweeting a high-schooler to attack his foes.

Then again, as Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro pointed out, at least it wasn’t pedophile and disgraced Democratic political Anthony Weiner tweeting the minor.

Now, is Trump’s tweeting the end of the world? Of course, not. But it is something we should all get used to, as it doesn’t seem as if anyone has the guts to take away Trump’s Twitter password.

Well, here’s to hoping Mr. Trump suddenly flips a switch and tweets like a grownup after Inauguration Day.

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