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Trump Plays Sinatra Song During White House Exit, Irking Media
U.S. President Donald Trump meets with students, teachers and administrators about how to safely re-open schools during the novel coronavirus pandemic in the East Room at the White House July 07, 2020 in Washington, DC.
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When President Donald Trump departed the White House on Wednesday morning, Frank Sinatra’s iconic song “My Way” was blaring in the background.

The song is one of Trump’s favorites, notably featuring when Trump and former first lady Melania Trump danced to the tune at an inauguration reception in January 2017.

The media were predictably irked by the song, triggering pundits and allegedly straight reporters to mock Trump.


“‘My Way’ by Frank Sinatra was played as Trump departed,” said NBC News “presidential historian” Michael Beschloss. “Sinatra is on record as having hated Donald Trump.”

According to a former manager, Sinatra once sent a message to Trump for him to go “f***” himself, The New York Daily News reported. The alleged anecdote came out in a book hawked by Sinatra’s former manager in 2017.

Trump, on the other hand, has spoken glowingly about Sinatra in one of his books.

CNN commentator Keith Boykin mocked, “Trump leaves on Air Force One to the Frank Sinatra song ‘My Way.’ This series finale of the Trump Reality Show has been written, directed and produced by Donald Trump himself.”

“Frank Sinatra’s ‘I DID IT MY WAY’ is blasting on the loudspeakers at Joint Base Andrews as Air Force One taxis for takeoff with Donald Trump aboard for his final flight as president,” wrote Washington Post columnist James Hohmann. “This feels like watching the closing credits of a movie. Dr. Strangelove comes to mind…”

“Utterly surreal. #Trump takes off to ‘My Way’ [CNN] & the world collapses in disbelieving laughter,” Anna Soubry said.

Timothy Burke posted video of the CNN giggling, before a cut to the Biden family in church.

Vulture was annoyed with the song choice, too:

… Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” playing as Trump’s plane departed from the airfield. All three of these performers have previously expressed annoyance that Trump favors their catalogues, with two of these decrees coming from estates: Branigan’s management team has stated that it “vehemently” dislikes its association with Trump, while Sinatra’s daughter Nancy said that her dad “loathed” him prior to his death.

For good measure, Vulture noted of Trump’s “Y.M.C.A.” song choice, adding a rather tired “C-H-E-E-T-O” quip:

The Village People, who are still active, have also asked Trump to cease playing gay anthem “Y.M.C.A.” at numerous campaign events. “He’s changed it to M-A-G-A or something,” one of the band members joked. We also would’ve accepted C-H-E-E-T-O.

Trump and Melania danced to “My Way” on Jan. 20, 2017. “Well, we did it,” Trump said before the dance. ” … They said … we didn’t have a chance, but we knew we were gonna win, and we won. Today we had a great day. People that weren’t so nice to me were saying that we did a really good job, today. They hated to do out, but they did it. And I respect that. … It’s like God was looking down on us, I will tell you.”


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