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Trump On Kanye: ‘I Like Him A Lot, He’s A Friend’

By  Paul Bois

The ongoing bromance between President Trump and Kanye West continued this week when the famed rapper visited the White House to discuss various issues, including prison reform.

Speaking with Fox & Friends in a phone interview, Trump called Kanye a “good friend” and appreciated his support.

“I like him a lot, he’s been a friend of mine, I’ve known him for a long time,” Trump said. “He’s a very different kind of a guy, I say that in a very positive way … those that are in the music business say he’s a genius and that’s ok with me.”

Thanks to a booming economy, in which black unemployment now stands at a record low, the president has seen increased support within the black American community, according to a recent Reuters poll. Trump credited West’s support for this enthusiasm among black voters.

“He’s got a big following in the African American community, a big following, and he has in a lot of communities,” Trump said. “He is respected and he is a great guy.”

While President Trump may think Kanye West is a great guy, the Left now thinks of him as a dim-witted Uncle Tom who lost his mind somewhere in “The Sunken Place.” Just this week, a whole panel on CNN derided him as a “token negro.”

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