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Trump HAMMERS Vanity Fair For Apologizing To Hillary Over Slightly Mocking Video. He’s Absolutely Right.

By  Ben Shapiro

On Wednesday, Vanity Fair magazine, in an apparent attempt to justify everything President Trump has ever said about mainstream media bias, apologized to unsuccessful 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton for mildly mocking her in a video describing how she could now spend her free time.

The video suggested that Hillary work on her knitting, work on the sequel to her book “What Happened?”, prevent her phone from automatically stating that she was forming an exploratory committee, teach alternate nostril breathing, go hiking more. The video wasn’t particularly biting or brutal. “It’s a year later, and time to move on,” the Vanity Fair Hive editors stated.

Hillary fans came out of the woodwork to complain about the video, and Vanity Fair then issued a tepid apology, claiming that the video was “an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark.”

This prompted President Trump to take to Twitter in his most brutal fashion:

Critics quickly pointed out that Wintour edits Vogue, not Vanity Fair, but Wintour also runs Conde Nast, the parent company for Vanity Fair. Trump’s chiding was both well-aimed and accurate. And it’s obvious that no such apology would have been forthcoming regarding any material directed at Trump. In fact, Vanity Fair Hive editors put out another video nobody cared about targeting Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“See if you can train the muscles in your mouth to say, ‘The President was lying, Jim. He’s a liar!’” one editor quips. Another suggests Huckabee Sanders take up instragamming baked goods.

No apology forthcoming.

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