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Trump Exonerated: Sunday Shows Prove RussiaGate Is Fake News

Correct me if I’m wrong… but wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Fake News outlets like CNN and NBC News and The Washington Post and The New York Times were feverishly comparing RussiaGate to Watergate? Am I crazy, or didn’t our hysterical national media just set their Freakout to 11 due to an absolute certainty President Trump was on his way to impeachment over “improper contacts” with Russian officials? If you’ll click the links above, you’ll see that the answer to that question is yes.

Maybe, then, someone can explain to me why, just a couple of weeks after it was Freaking Watergate!, RussiaGate hardly rated a mention on the oh-so important, finger-on-the-pulse, vanguards-of-what-matters Sunday news shows.

Here’s a transcript of “Face the Nation,” where RussiaGate was not even mentioned. In fact, the only person who mentioned Russia was House Speaker Paul Ryan, and he was answering questions about Trump’s claim of being wiretapped by the Obama Administration.

And now feels like a good time to mention that there is more evidence backing Trump’s claim of being wiretapped than there is backing any media claim about RussiaGate. In fact, there is exactly NO EVIDENCE backing the media’s claims.

But I digress.

Here’s a transcript of “Meet the Press,” where the word “Russia” is mentioned twice but only when host Chuck Todd teases, “And later [in the show], the Russia connection. Democrats threaten to pull out of a congressional investigation if they believe it’s become too partisan.” But the topic is never discussed.

Here’s a transcript of CNN’s “State of the Union,” where host Jake Tapper, who is becoming something resembling a conspiracy theorist regarding RussiaGate, only asks one question on the topic, and Tapper bringing Russia into that question reeks of hilarious desperation:

TAPPER: Do you think General Flynn, advocating on behalf of Turkey in that way, was part of this whole Russian situation?

Non sequitur much?

Here’s the transcript for “This Week,” where, other than bringing up Trump’s tax returns with respect to the RussiaGate investigation, host George Stephanopoulos only brings up Russia within the context of clearing Precious Barry from the charge that the Obama administration wiretapped Team Trump — a charge first leveled by The New York Times, by the way.

Bottom line: On all 4 Sunday shows, what just two weeks ago was WATERGATE, is now just an afterthought, a Nothingburger, a little shrug, a giant whatever…

How can this possibly be?

We were told Trump is Putin’s Manchurian Candidate!

We were told the Trump Campaign was behind the WikiLeaks dump of all those glorious Democrat emails!

We were told Trump officials serially-violated the Logan Act!

We were told this was political Armageddon for Trump, and now… it’s a Sunday show asterisk?

You want to know why? Because I do know why…

After six months of billions of dollars in media resources, hundreds of reporters out to impeach Trump, wiretaps, and untold numbers of felonious intelligence leaks, when you look past all of the Fake News Media’s innuendo, propaganda, rumor-mongering, goalpost-moving, outright lies, McCarthyism, and CNN’s phony dossiers and terrifying “sniper scope” camera, all that’s left on the bottom line is a little sentence that reads…

There is no evidence of any wrongdoing.”

You never know what could happen, but as of right now this steaming pile of Fake News called RussiaGate is shaping up to be yet another massive black eye for a mainstream media that can hardly afford another.

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