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Trump Didn’t Raise Any Money Last Month. So What?

First, let me backfill things just a bit because the last thing I want to do is pull a RonFournier, wherein I engage in an all-about-me act of superior insufferable sanctimony based on me-me-me because me. I am not here to tell you that my perspective is superior to anyone else’s. What I do want to do, though, is share my perspective because I do think, especially in June, it matters.

As many of you know by now, on March 14 I abruptly quit my media job. Since then, I cancelled my cable and have spent all of my time caring for an ailing wife, who is finally on the road to a full recovery thank you very much. In other words, after nearly a decade of following the news cycle like a degenerate junkie, I spent this Spring in something approximating the Real World.

That doesn’t mean I am disconnected from current events. Far from it. A quick glance at social media and various web sites makes it wonderfully easy to keep up with what’s happening, especially in the world of politics. It also makes it easy to see how disconnected I am from those who do remain degenerate junkies.

Let us stipulate that Donald Trump had a bad month and that it hurt him in the national polls. There is no question about that. In the swing states that matter, however, he has hung on. But that he has taken on some water is simply a fact.

Now that I’ve gone ahead and said that out loud, can I get some of you GOP bedwetters to admit that nothing that happens before Labor Day really matters?

For the last few weeks, whenever I stuck my beak in the news cycle, it all came down to one word: DOOM … as in TRUMP IS DOOMED.

During this time of year, these are the only people obsessing over the news cycle:

— Left-wing mainstream media activist-hacks like CNN’s (which is Hitler) Jake Tapper who interviews Trump (appropriately) like this and then licks Hillary’s cankles like this.

— Political activists and commentators like I once was, those who see every turn in the news cycle as a THIS IS IT! moment.

— Civilian political junkies who obsessively flip through the cable news channels while scrolling the Twitters in-between hitting REFRESH on the Real Clear Politics “latest polls” page (yes, I’m talking about you).

There is absolutely nothing wrong with living your life in this manner. Hell, I did it for a decade. My only point is that right now this is not what the rest of the country is doing. We are swimming and grilling and cleaning and fixing and mowing and trimming and porch sitting and beaching and vacationing and listening to the (((clank))) of an aluminum bat meeting a ball and not to the latest pearl-gripping melodrama being ginned up by Sell-Out Scarborough.

The disconnect between the Junkies and The Real World really hit home earlier this week when Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings showed that Trump had raised almost no money and Hillary had raised a buttload.

The GOP bed has never been so wet.

Now some of this bedwetting is strategic — a propaganda move by Trump’s critics to further their relentless *yawn* cry of, “See! See! Trump’s a disaster!” But some are sincerely freaked out by this, which is absurd for three reasons.

1) Did I mention it’s June?

2) Trump’s brand, a large part of his success and potential success (especially with Sanders’ supporters), is based on The Donald’s belligerent indifference when it comes to money in politics. This is an attitude that used to make the likes of a Chuck Todd swoon — until it was discovered a threat to Hillary’s presidency shared this attitude.

3) Considering his own mistakes and the mainstream media’s relentless push to destroy him (and in the case of CNN (which is Hitler) have him assassinated), Trump is doing just fine in the polls.

REMINDER: Jeb Bush had a $100 million and never polled above 5%.

Sure, money matters in politics, but it is far from all that matters, especially when you are dealing with someone as media savvy as a Donald Trump.

Would you rather have Trump on the phone with America’s plutocrats or crafting the brilliant and long overdue prosecution he delivered Wednesday? Had any other candidate won the nomination, sure they would have spent the last month doing what is supposed to be done, what former-Presidents Dole, McCain, and Romney did — raise a ton of money and then give a snorer of a speech about entitlement reform because they are too chickensh*t to “go there” — to defy the boundaries Jake Tapper and the other MSM Corruptocrats have set up to protect their Precious Rape-Denying, Benghazi-Bungling, Wall Street-Addicted, Money-Grubbing, Sociopath Serial Liar.

Would you rather have Trump getting himself wrapped ’round the axle of America’s plutocrats or crafting the best foreign policy speech in 15 years?

Would you rather have Trump owned by plutocrats or finally making some smart decisions when it comes to using a teleprompter, showing some personal restraint, and coming to terms with the fact that Corey Lewandowski (who did grab Michelle Fields and did shamelessly lie about it) was not cut out for a general election?

Would you rather have Trump stand by his brand (for as long as he can) of not being beholden to The Money Men or following the same path to failure that have lost the Republicans the popular vote in all but one presidential election since 1988?

There is no criticism of Trump dumber than, “OH MY GOD Trump’s won’t follow the gameplan that lost us the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 elections!”

And that criticism is especially silly in June.

And when I saw the news about the FEC filing, I was thrilled. I know the definition of insanity.

Folks, and I say this with nothing but affection… Put down the Twitters, step away from the Tapper, unplug…

Summer is only 2 days old. Don’t waste it obsessing over political twists and turns that no one will remember after Labor Day.

Get outside.

Rub some sun on your face.

Plant something.

Trim something.

Throw a ball.

Take the top down.

Swat a skeeter.

Burn a brat.

But if you must obsess, if you must Twitter and Tapper — it’s just June y’all. And never forget that at any given time, fewer than 4 million people are watching all of cable news.

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