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Trump Cutting Biden Lead In Arizona. Here’s What Remains.
WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 30: President Donald Trump speaks to the press outside of the White House on October 30, 2020 in Washington, DC. President Trump will travel to Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota for the campaign rallies ahead of the presidential election on Tuesday.
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President Donald Trump is cutting down Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s lead in Arizona, inching closer to the state’s 11 electoral votes.

Though the president is making up ground, it’s unclear if he can keep up the pace of eclipsing Biden votes to overtake the former vice president.

What the very tight race is going to come down to is the estimated remaining 285,000 ballots from Maricopa County and other rural counties.

AZ Central reported Thursday night that Trump needs to pick up his percentage of votes won by 1.4% to pull out a victory:

Trump won 55.6% of the ballots counted in Maricopa County on Thursday to Biden’s 41.7%. It was a great showing, but Trump’s challenge is he needs more than 57% of the outstanding votes to win.

Statewide, Trump chipped away 22,000 votes from Biden’s lead, closing the gap to 46,667 votes as of 9:30 p.m. Thursday. But unless the next batches of votes show Trump with a higher percentage than what the president managed on Thursday, he will fall short.

Trump 2020 Campaign Senior Advisor for Strategy Steve Cortes had a more optimistic take for the president: “Brand new returns in Arizona validate our prior projections about the ‘Desert Storm’ comeback of [President] Trump to win the state,” he wrote. “Don’t believe the skeptics, ignore biased Fox News & AP — stay the course, patriots!”

The video captioned by Cortez was first originally posted on Wednesday and outlines a potential Trump path-to-victory in AZ despite news media, such as Fox News, prematurely calling the state for Biden:

Late Thursday afternoon, ABC 15 data analyst Garrett Archer listed the remaining counties and number of ballots still outstanding, as seen below. (Note: Archer later corrected Pima County to 41,000 ballots.)

“Arizona tabulated 143,081 ballots today,” Archer posted Thursday night. “Trump won 56.7% to Biden’s 41.2% and gained 22,133 on the former Vice President. There are competing estimates on how many outstanding ballots are, but simply put, he must maintain or improve this level for 2 more days to stand a chance.”

Here are some of the highlights, per Archer:

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