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Trump to Congressional Leaders: I Would’ve Won Popular Vote Except for Millions of Illegals

On his third full day in office, President Donald Trump met with congressional leaders from both parties and made sure to remind them that he only lost the popular vote because of the millions of illegal immigrants who voted for his opponent. This is certainly not the first time he’s made that claim, which, as the establishment media is making sure to highlight, has not been proven.

According to multiple sources, Trump’s chat with congressional leaders was a general success, cordial and productive. But one particularly moment highlighted by Politico and others was Trump’s comment about his upset win over Hillary Clinton.

“He said 3 to 5 million ‘illegals’ voted so that’s why he lost popular vote,” a Democratic aide present at the event said, according to Politico. “That’s exactly what he said,” another source agreed.

That Trump would have said that comes as no surprise, having tweeted on Nov. 27, “In addition to winning the Electoral College in a landslide, I won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

While Trump buried Clinton in the electoral vote, 304 to 227, by pushing her out of almost the entire middle of the country—most notably the former Democrat “firewall” in the Rustbelt—he failed to win the popular vote by over 2 million votes. True to form, Democrats have used this electorally meaningless vote deficit as a means of delegitimizing Trump’s win, as they did with George W. Bush’s defeat of Al Gore in 2000.

As Trump is (in)famous for doing, he has pushed back hard, slamming the Democrats’ attempts to undermine his presidency, including via repeating the “millions of illegals” claim, despite showing no real evidence for the high figure (though the Washington Post didn’t think it was such an unreasonable assertion just two years ago).

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