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Trump Closely Watching Situation In Hong Kong, Unclear How He Will Respond
A Police man (L) shouts at a Pro-Democracy Protestor (R) to move out of his way during a gathering in the Sham Shui Po Area of Hong Kong on August 14, 2019. - More than 10 weeks of sometimes-violent demonstrations have wracked the semi-autonomous city, with millions taking to the streets to demand democratic reforms and police accountability.

While much of the media has been consumed the past few days with millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s death and a CNN anchor claiming “Fredo” is a racial slur, a dangerous situation is developing in Hong Kong.

People in Hong Kong have been demanding democracy and human rights. Over the weekend, a photo circulated on social media of the protesters waving the American flag. The communist Chinese government has been trying to stop the protests, and many fear violence is on the horizon.

President Donald Trump has tweeted about the issue, including one retweet of video apparently showing the Chinese military mobilizing just across the border of Hong Kong.

The account Trump retweeted posted another video showing dozens of similar military vehicles parked inside a soccer stadium, which Alexandre Krauss identified as the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center. He also posted a photo of a map showing that the city of Shenzhen is a about 15.5 miles from Hong Kong.

On Tuesday, Trump sent two tweets about the situation. “Many are blaming me, and the United States, for the problems going on in Hong Kong. I can’t imagine why?” said the first tweet.

His second tweet was more pointed, warning people about the Chinese troops on the border of Hong Kong.

“Our Intelligence has informed us that the Chinese Government is moving troops to the Border with Hong Kong,” Trump tweeted. “Everyone should be calm and safe!”

Trump also told reporters on Tuesday that the situation in Hong Kong is “very tough.”

“I hope nobody gets hurt. I hope nobody gets killed,” he said, according to Politico.

On CNBC, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross questioned what role the U.S. should play in the protests, calling it “an internal matter.”

Politico reported Wednesday that anonymous aides to Trump say the president doesn’t seem all that concerned, but that he hasn’t specifically said anything that would indicate he would take action if necessary. The sources told the outlet that it was “not clear what, if anything, Trump wants to do in response.”

Trump has been harsher toward China when it comes to trade.

One official told Politico that the current situation in Hong Kong is “about as close to Tiananmen Square, potentially, that you’re going to get in the modern age.”

Protests in Hong Kong grew so large over the past few days that they were able to shut down one of the world’s busiest airports. All incoming and outgoing flights were canceled on Monday and into Tuesday.

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