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Trump Ally: Scott Walker Has Rigged 5 Elections

One of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s allies accused Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) of rigging five elections. Seriously.

The odious Roger Stone wrote a column in The Hill titled “Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet” as a way to defend his former boss’s claims that the election will be rigged against him.

After rambling on about electronic voting as a means to rig the election, Stone then strangely blamed Walker for rigging elections.

“As someone with great sentimental attachment to the Republican Party, as I joined as the party of Goldwater, both parties have engaged in voting machine manipulation,” wrote Stone. “Nowhere in the country has this been more true than Wisconsin, where there are strong indications that Scott Walker and the Reince Priebus machine rigged as many as five elections including the defeat of a Walker recall election.”

Stone bases this bizarre claim off a blog post from a man named Richard Charnin, who thinks that “the Warren Commission was a Hoax and [Lee Harvey] Oswald was framed” in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

Even though his former boss won the nomination, Stone still seems to have sour grapes over Trump losing the Wisconsin primary to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), as he whined that “Marquette University poll showing a 20 point shift from Trump ahead by 10 percent to Trump behind by 10 percent which was simply absurd. Shifts like that don’t happen over brief intervals of time, absent a nuclear explosion.”

“It didn’t make any sense — unless you knew what was going on was an ‘instant replay’ of Walker’s victories,” wrote Stone.

In other words, Stone accused Walker of rigging the primary victory for Cruz, citing no evidence other than that the polls accurately predicted a Cruz victory.

University of Wisconsin-Madison political scientist professor Mike Wagner told Wisconsin Public Radio that Stone’s claims were entirely baseless and seemed like it was “at least consistent with the Trump message, if not coordinated with the Trump message.”

Stone’s column may also cause things to be awkward between the Trump and Walker teams, especially since Walker is now appearing at rallies with Trump.