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The Trump Administration Is Trying To Protect An Immigrant Baby. A Leftist Judge Ordered Him Killed.

By  Matt

Here’s a story that is certain to get very little attention in the mainstream media. A teenage girl is currently in federal custody after coming to the country illegally from Mexico. She’s 15 weeks pregnant and wants an abortion, but the Trump Administration has refused to facilitate the procedure. In comes the ACLU and an Obama-appointed judge, who, this afternoon, ordered the government to allow the execution of the 15-week-old unborn child.

Let’s review here: It is the allegedly bigoted Trump Administration trying to preserve and protect the life of an immigrant baby. It is a leftist judge who wants to have him killed. In fact, the Trump Administration has prevented the deaths of many unborn children by taking girls at federally-funded shelters to pregnancy resource centers rather than abortion clinics.

These are the people who are supposed to hate immigrants and minorities, yet they are the ones trying to stop immigrant and minority babies from being murdered. And, despite how this case may be presented, it’s not as though they’re holding the girl against her will and forcing her to remain pregnant. They simply told her that if she wants an abortion she must return home to Mexico for it. If she wants to remain in custody, the federal government is not going to play any role in facilitating the abortion of her second trimester baby. She could go home if she wants. She is not being held hostage. But this demented judge has decreed that she has a right to an abortion in our country, and it must be carried out without delay.

Of course, there’s more at stake here than human life, although there’s nothing else at stake that could be more important than human life. The Justice Department has argued that we cannot give pregnant minors an incentive to cross the border illegally in order to get abortions, which will often be tax funded. And these girls certainly cannot have a “constitutional right” to an abortion in the United States because they are not United States citizens. The best thing, then, is to get them the care that will preserve their own dignity and the dignity of their unborn children.

This is not only the legally and morally correct approach, but it’s the only approach you can support if you want to lay claim to the “compassion for immigrant children” banner. If your compassion for immigrant children involves having them dismembered with a pair of sharpened forceps (a D&E abortion, which is the type this child will suffer at his stage of development), then I would suggest that your notion of compassion is rather insane.

I don’t know what can be done now to save this innocent child from the awful death that awaits him. The judge, apparently quite eager to have the victim dispatched as quickly as possible, has ordered that the girl must be brought to a clinic for the procedure by October 21. My prayer is that the Trump Administration, in the name of life, sanity, and basic human decency, openly defies this deranged and cruel judge. But whatever happens, the next time the Left accuses the Trump Administration of hating immigrants, remember which side tried to save this baby’s life — and which side sent him ultimately to his death.

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