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Huge ‘Trump 2020’ Banner Unfurled Inside Yankee Stadium

Somehow, the Russians are no doubt involved.

On Sunday afternoon, in the most liberal bastion in the land — New York City — some supporters of President Trump unfurled a large banner in right field of Yankee Stadium that said “Keep America Great! — Trump 2020.”

The owner of the flag, who would identify himself only as “Dion,” said the flag has the signatures of 56 “patriots.”

He and others unfurled the flag between innings in the 8th, and it stayed up for about 90 seconds. Dion said he had no problems with security — he simply rolled it back up and strolled out.

Dion said the rules are skewed toward liberals. “Somewhere along the line, liberals were granted 100% tolerance when it comes to messaging,” he said, which includes saying “F-Trump in front of billions, smashing Trump’s star, sporting events, talk shows, bloody heads in effigy, they are without rules!”

“At the same time conservatives are granted 0% level of tolerance when it comes to messaging, even in a positive manner. We are supposed to be oppressed and fearful of liberals? Well not me, no way, no how,” Dion said.

Dion also displayed the flag in June at a Broadway performance of the RobertDe Niro-directed musical “A Bronx Tale,” standing up during a curtain call and hoisting the “Keep America Great!” flag.

But chances are not a lot of Trump supporters were on hand in the Bronx, home of Yankee Stadium, because just 5% of the residents in the borough voted for Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

No word if Hillary Clinton was at the game, but we’re guessing not.